OR man Jeremy Taylor survives snowstorm by eating hot sauce

Jeremy Taylor woke on Tuesday to find more snow had covered his car. Source Deschutes County Sheriff’s OfficeMore

Jeremy Taylor woke on Tuesday to find more snow had covered his car. Source Deschutes County Sheriff’s OfficeMore

Someone get Taco Bell on the phone, this bloke deserves free food for life.

Jeremy Taylor, a 36-year-old outdoorsman from Sunriver, and his dog Ally got stuck in the snow on a US Forest Service road on February 24.

It wasn't until Friday afternoon that a snowmobile rider spotted his vehicle and called 911.

An Oregon man, trapped in the snow for five days in his auto with his dog, survived by consuming taco sauce and periodically starting the vehicle. Unable to continue on, the man and his dog slept in the vehicle but awoke to find further snow had fallen the following day.

He attempted to hike out, but the snow was too deep.

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook Wednesday that Jeremy Taylor, 36, of Sunriver, Ore., was missing.

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The sheriff's office says Taylor was unable to get his SUV out, and though he tried to walk out, the deep snow made it hard.

Police say Taylor told them he stayed warm for the next four days by periodically turning on his vehicle.

In a post on Facebook hours later, Taylor wrote: 'Thank you everyone, I'm safe my Ally dog is safe. "I really appreciate all the help", Taylor wrote on Facebook.

The two were found in good condition but hungry, the sheriff's office says, after a search and rescue team member used a snowcat to reach them. Got lucky, lets (sic) never do that again. With no way out and no food available he scrounged throughout his vehicle, finally lighting on a handful of sauce packets from a United States fast food franchise that had never been thrown away.

Taco Bell said it was glad Mr Taylor and Ally were well and that they were "working to get in touch with Jeremy to get him some well-deserved tacos and a care package". Even in central OH - cars run off of roads in snowstorms.

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