U.S. debates exemptions for child vaccination rules

Anti-vaxers blamed for astonishing rise of Measles in 2018 – UNICEF

Measles cases climb to 13470; 203 dead as of Feb 22 - DOH

State legislatures in both Washington and OR are considering laws that would remove non-medical exemptions for the routinely administered measles vaccine.

Mr Power says vaccination is key to reducing the numbers.

Measles outbreak has been declared by the Department of Health (DOH) in some regions in the country. "Today, with antibiotics and that kind of stuff, they're not dying in America", he added.

Antibiotics that are used to deal with infections aren't efficient towards viruses. "Measles is highly contagious and spreads through coughing and sneezing".

"Measles starts with a fever, followed by a cough, runny nose and red eyes".

There is no prescription medication that treats measles.

"Measles can have a lot of complications, so it can cause pneumonia, it can cause encephalitis - that means swelling of the brain - and in some cases, it can cause gaff", Daskalakis explains.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, measles was eliminated in the U.S.in 2000 but made a comeback after three outbreaks in 2008 linked back to cases in Israel and Ukraine.

But Fore's warning is not palatable to everyone, with one anti-vax Texas lawmaker this week commenting that people in the US are not dying of measles.

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The mayor said an estimated 46,858 children in the said age group may receive their vaccines at their respective schools, during house to house visits done by MHD health personnel, or at their barangay health centers, whichever can be done first.

Check your immunization records to make sure you and your children have had two doses of the measles vaccine (MMR or MMRV). Only if 95 percent of the population are vaccinated, their immunity also to people who can't be vaccinated for health reasons. "This is not the Soviet Union, you know".

An outbreak of measles in the Pacific Northwest, which has lower-than-usual vaccination rate, prompted an emergency declaration in Washington state last month.

"Before the measles vaccine was developed in 1963, there were half-a-million cases of the measles being reported every year to the CDC, 48,000 people a year were being sent to the hospital and, as a result, as many as 500 people a year died as a result", Chair Diana DeGette said in an opening statement. This yeshiva went out of compliance with the Health Department's exclusion order in mid-January, allowing an unvaccinated student who had measles but had not yet begun presenting symptoms.

Krause dismissed medical consensus surrounding vaccines, claiming that immunization proponents are merely fearmongering. "I'm not so sure those fears are founded". "We must do more to accurately inform every parent, to help us safely vaccinate every child", she added.

Right now, doctors are recommending a two-dose vaccine for everyone.

Sese also appealed to Makati residents to report all measles cases to the MHD for proper monitoring.

"Some states are engaging in such wide exemptions that they're creating the opportunity for outbreaks on a scale that is going to have national implications", FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told CNN last week.

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