It looks like State Champs were right about a Jonas Brothers reunion


Jonas Brothers Are Back, New Single Drops Tonight (Watch Teaser Video)

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are back for 2019 with new song "Sucker", after six years spent apart working on other projects. The trio - comprising siblings Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas - dropped "Sucker" on the stroke of midnight on Friday, marking their first new material since they went on hiatus nearly six years ago.

The band and their leading ladies don colorful, elaborate outfits as the celebrity family parties around a castle setting.

Today, the singer announced that their shit is together with the latest single by Jonas Brothers.

While they didn't elaborate at the time about what exactly prompted the "deep rift", it was assumed that things were a bit shaky between the brothers. But let's be real, we're all swooning over the romantic, fun, Favourite-esque video that features all the wives of the the three Jo-Bros.

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"[It's] a year we've been talking about it but we chose to get back together six months ago", Joe explained. They did it on Carpool Karaoke and there's no doubt, it sent thousands of fans squealing! Their rep also noted that "there was a big disagreement over their music direction".

"It feels like it's the right timing and there's a magic that we can't deny when we're together", the youngest of the trio added. Kevin, Joe and Nick have officially reunited, nearly six years after breaking up and if you listen closely, you can hear now-grown adults all around the world screaming.

The new single is out and it's easy to see what a long way they've come. Quantico actress Priyanka, who married Nick Jonas past year, then makes a dramatic entrance in a full ballgown, removing her sunglasses as she cosies up to her spouse at the microphone. And Danielle is married to KEvin. James then asked if what he thinks is happening is happening - the brothers collectively answered, "Yep, we're back!" Turner is engaged to Joe. "If a reunion is really gonna happen I will be the happiest man on earth".

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