Advertisers flee YouTube after video comments get even more disgusting

What you need to know about YouTube’s pedophile problem

What you need to know about YouTube’s pedophile problem by Kristen Chase | Feb 22 2019 | Social Media | 0 comments

And it doesn't just recommend more of these videos with kids just being kids, they're recommending the videos that are popular with pedophiles. "We support certain policies vigorously, and if we find a video that violates them, we immediately take action and remove ads".

Advertising research firm EMarketer estimates YouTube will net $11.4 billion in worldwide revenue in 2019 after accounting for revenue shared with content producers. They wanted to work together on the Problem, quoted a spokesman of Youtube in the US-industry portal "The Verge".

Nestle, the owner of brands like Kit-Kat and Nespresso, chose to "pause" its advertising on YouTube after some of its ads were shown on videos "where inappropriate comments were being made", a company spokesperson said. Still, she said, it's not enough.

In it is a collection of clips, many of them innocent, that show kids doing things like gymnastics, stretching, playing Twister, or simply hanging out with friends - nothing that would get the videos blocked by content filters. "We agree this content is unacceptable and are committed to making the app better every day".

But YouTube is taking a stand against anti-vaxxers. In November 2017, the company outlined a new set of guidelines, including "faster enforcement" of community guidelines and "blocking inappropriate comments". This news follows the recent controversy of child exploitation on the platform. There are also a number of other ways for parents to make the app safer, but non of them are automatic.

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"Through our advertising agency, we have reached out to Google/YouTube to determine actions they'll take to eliminate this type of content from their service".

AT&T Inc. withdrew all of its advertising from Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube for the second time in the past couple of years, after a magazine report revealed that the platform had been displaying ads next to videos, which contained child exploiting contents.

Critics say its approach to safety across platforms just isn't working. YouTube information panels efforts to stop false and inaccurate information about the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine had previously appeared in front of anti-vaccination channels that introduced it. "We should start by educating ourselves, educating our children, and speaking up when we see something that is unsafe for our children", Hess wrote on her blog.

Although Ballinger claimed that she heavily monitors her comments section, the site went on to clarify that their new policy is "an abundance of caution" in response to concerns of child predators across the platform, as brought up by YouTuber "MattsWhatItIs" in a chilling video during mid-February.

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