Huawei Unveils A Foldable Phone The Mate X 5G

Designer Imagines 'Folding iPhone X' in New Concept

OnePlus 5G-enabled device to arrive later this year

Meanwhile Samsung and Royole have left a gap between the two screens when their devices are folded up.

A mobile edge cloud game on the company's first 5G smartphone will be demonstrated live, by being connected to Samsung's live 5G network solutions.

- 2,299 Euro (£1,996), available in the the "middle of 2019".

On Sunday Huawei will announced their 5G foldable phone to the world, but one keen-eyed Twitter user caught the installation of and advertisement banner for the new phone.

The main tablet display includes a QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED screen and the 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED cover with a 10MP selfie...

That's complimented by a secondary back screen measuring 6.38 inches (2480 x 892 resolution / 25:9 aspect ratio). Unfolded, the Mate X's screen is 8 inches diagonally, making it the size of a small tablet. The Mate X is defined for being a foldable phone with a bendable screen on the outer surface (Whereas the Galaxy Fold's screen is on the inner surface).

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An interesting design point of note is that, because the device has been designed for one-handed use, when the phone is unfolded the user can access the handset's ergonomic curvature grip, which is located on the right hand backside of the device when in tablet mode.

The Mate X is indeed a fascinating piece of technology - which we, unfortunately, weren't allowed to touch yet. That price tops the high end of Samsung's Galaxy Fold, which will sell for an eye-popping $1980, as well as Apple's premium iPhones. We know the Leica partnership continues and, from what we've seen, it appears that the Mate X will deploy a triple camera solution like that of the Mate 20 Pro - not the quad camera solution of the forthcoming P30 Pro. Moreover, the company placed the phone's USB-C port opposite of its hinge mechanism; the rest of the phone is too thin to accommodate a USB-C port.

Huawei has also included a neat little feature called Mirror shooting that lets you see your picture as it's being taken. There's also the Huawei's Balong 5000 5G modem alongside the Kirin processor for faster connectivity and 5G speeds. Huawei came third, though in some quarters it took second place, IDC data showed. Those are impressive speeds, but they'll be more impressive when sub-6 5G networks are actually up and running.

There's more to the Mate X than the way the screen works and the camera features it enables. The connection is also said to provide encryption for more privacy and security when using the Mate X.The company said a 30 minute charge can add 85% battery power to the phone. There was no mention of wireless charging, but you probably don't even need to worry about that considering how fast wired charging will be.

After audible gasps rippled through the audience at MWC, Yu said he recognised the price is "very expensive" and that Huawei was working on bringing it down in future.

In terms of colourway the Mate X comes in Interstellar Blue. Sadly, the phone likely won't be widely available in the United States because of the issues between the current administration and China.

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