IRS employee accused of leaking Michael Cohen's bank records to Michael Avenatti

Trump denies he asked Whitaker if an ally could oversee Cohen probe

Donald Trump denies NYT report he tried to interfere in Michael Cohen probe

CNN previously reported that the Justice Department was investigating the leak a year ago of the confidential reports related to Cohen's banking activity.

An affidavit says Fry acknowledged releasing the information while working at the IRS office in San Francisco to attorney Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for adult-film actress Stormy Daniels. Cohen, who previously worked as President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, has since pleaded guilty to bank and tax fraud.

The Justice Department issued a statement Tuesday that sidestepped the question of whether Whitaker and Trump discussed putting Berman in charge but asserted that Trump never demanded a commitment from Whitaker to intervene in any investigation into the president.

U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III approved delaying the start of Cohen's three-year sentence until May 6.

The court filing also states Fry reached out to reporters following the database search.

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Cohen, who will begin a 3-year prison sentence in early May, was originally scheduled to testify before Cumming's committee on February 7, but backed out citing threats to his family.

Trump and Giuliani last month suggested Cohen's father-in-law should be investigated for alleged but unspecified crimes; the president and his lawyer suggested that Cohen had made up stories about Trump in order to prevent being entangled in a separate potential case. Avenatti declined to say how he obtained the records, telling Fox News at the time: "That's my work product and will not be disclosed".

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, announced the date for Cohen's testimony on Wednesday. Fry was also identified as the anonymous "law enforcement official" who told the New Yorker he "immediately became concerned" when he discovered two of Cohen's finance-related files were missing.

He's been scheduled to testify before but ended up backing out of the plans, most notably because Trump sent a threatening tweet demanding investigations of Cohen's father-in-law.

Jordan charged that Cohen was invited "just to satisfy Tom Steyer", - a billionaire Democrat who is funding a campaign to impeach Trump - "and other political forces on the left".

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