Putin Threatens To Target U.S. And Countries Stationing American Missiles

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Putin's threat was a response to USA withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, which the United States has long accused Russian Federation of violating.

Back in February, the Trump administration did announce that they would withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, which was signed back in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Early this morning, Putin threatened that Russian Federation will aim missiles towards strategic U.S. sites if America is to deploy missiles in Europe.

Speaking during his annual state of the nation address, Mr Putin said that if U.S. missiles that could "reach Moscow within 10 to 12 minutes" were placed in Europe, then the Kremlin would be "required to envisage both mirrored and asymmetric responses".

"We can not wait, the situation must change for the better now", Putin said.

Putin and Russian Federation have wasted no time in enhancing their military arsenal and want the world to know about it.

"If they are manufactured and brought to the European continent, and the USA has such plans, at least we haven't heard anything to the contrary, it will sharply aggravate the world's security situation and will seriously threaten Russian Federation", he said.

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By launching intermediate-range missiles under the guise of "target missiles" and deploying launchers suitable for using Tomahawk cruise missiles in Romania and Poland, the United States violates the requirements of the treaty "directly and grossly", Putin said. These included the RS-28 Sarmat superheavy intercontinental ballistic missile and the Poseidon underwater drone, both of which have recently undergone new testing.

He added that the tax burden on developers will be eased to encourage them to expand housing construction.

The pact banned either side from stationing short and intermediate-range, land-based missiles in Europe and its demise raises the prospect of a new arms race between Washington and Moscow, which denies flouting the treaty.

The new hypersonic glider, called the Avangard, which can travel faster than the speed of sound, is the type of weapon that the Pentagon has also been working on.

Mr Putin was measured in his speech by not announcing new missile deployments, saying that money for new systems would come from the existing budget and claiming that Russian Federation would only act in response to the United States.

President Vladimir Putin promised Russians rapid improvements in their living conditions as he delivered his annual state of the nation address Wednesday under pressure from falling approval ratings. "We know how to do this and we will implement these plans immediately as soon as the relevant threats become real for us", he said.

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