Steph Curry reveals bet against Seth in 3-point contest

Former Wahoo Joe Harris Wins NBA Three-Point Shootout

NBA 3-Point Contest Sneakers 2019

Young was ahead of Tatum in the competition where players have to execute some passes, a layup and then a 3-pointer.

Portland Trail Blazers guard and Stephen's brother, Seth Curry, along with his fianceé, Calle Rivers, made up the second team. Seth has a child with Callie Rivers, the daughter of National Basketball Association coach Doc Rivers.

And after Davidson won Stephen jumped into the student section and posed for a picture with the Davidson men's swim team - who were wearing nothing but Speedos. So as a younger brother, always having someone that was a little bit better than me at every step, I was always trying to use any trick or edge to win a game of 1-on-1 or any shooting contest.

Out of all the stars on the court at the 2019 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte on Sunday night, Kevin Durant shone the brightest.

And Sonya made the biggest shot by a Curry this weekend. The immediate family is staying in downtown hotels, which Stephen said feels "really weird".

As for Dirk Nowitzki, the 40-year fan favorite came up short in his first 3-Point Contest in 11 years.

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This weekend was about making family memories.

"I think even as parents, understanding how we're going to raise kids not only in this insane society we live in but one that we're so visible [in], and people are kind of locked into every step we take, every word we say". "So that was the best part of my night for sure". Stephen Curry explained the wager during All-Star media day. In addition to his dunk, Curry was involved in another highlight by converting a four-point play against his Golden State Warriors teammate Klay Thompson. Which, the stakes are high considering how many people show up for our games.

He didn't have long to soak it all in; he boarded a plane back to San Francisco after the game.

Curry took the court last night in Charlotte wearing a familiar looking jacket.

The family are often seen together and Steph and Ayesha even have a pre-game ritual where they smack matching arrow point tattoos.

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