Hundreds participate in counter-Trump rally in El Paso

President Trump Preps for El Paso Rally

He Lies (Again) and El Paso's Pissed

The Make America Great Again rally will take place in El Paso, Texas on Monday at the County Coliseum. The rally will begin with new El Paso representative Veronica Escobar speaking at the rally, then the group will march to Chalio Acosta Park. Last week at the State of the Union address, President Donald Trump voiced his opinion that the city of El Paso was a violent town until the border wall was constructed. " The resistance ranges from officials in the border town of Nogales, Arizona taking down his newly installed, flesh-slicing, maximum-security-prison-flavored coils of razor wire on an existing border fence - WTF on the USA side yet - universally blasted as "inhuman" to New Mexico's governor withdrawing most National Guard troops from the border, condemning Trump's "charade (of) fear-mongering" and even making a wild video in which she hurls herself through multiple walls to show what she thinks of the whole ignoring-real-problems-to-build-a-stupid-racist-wall thing". We will build a Human Wall if necessary. "It seeks emotionally to connect with us, with voters - to stoke anxiety and paranoia, to win power over "the other" on the basis of lies that vilify people". That's despite being just across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a city plagued by drug violence.

O'Rourke, who has claimed to oppose open borders, has faced backlash for refusing to clarify where he stood on the migrant caravan that was heading toward the U.S. O'Rourke dodged commenting on the topic despite immigration and border security overwhelmingly being the top issues for voters in Texas during his unsuccessful run to unseat Republican Texas Sen.

Grammy Awards Producer Responds to Ariana Grande Tweets
The couple invites Grande to hang out with them and Grande, annoyed with their relationship, tries to get in between them. She wrote on Twitter: "Wildest applause to Ariana for standing up for herself and refusing to be intimidated by lies".

As the former congressman from Texas weighs a bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination - he told Oprah Winfrey this week that he'll decide by the end of the month - he is participating in a protest against Trump's push for a wall along the southern border. In fact, "El Paso's violent crime rate dropped 62 percent from its peak in 1993 to 2007, a year before constriction on the fence began", the resolution states.

New fencing was erected starting in 2008 and it was completed in 2009.

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