Huawei: Tackling security concerns may take five years

Omar Marques  Getty Images

Omar Marques Getty Images

Australia and New Zealand have joined the USA in banning the use of Huawei products in their 5G mobile networks.

Meanwhile, based upon concerns first raised in the USA that the company's technology could easily be equipped with back doors, the Polish Government is set to exclude all Huawei manufactured equipment from the nation's future 5G network.

US President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order next week that would ban Chinese telecommunication equipment from US wireless networks, the Politico website reported citing sources.

It comes after concerns were raised previous year in the annual report...

Beyond the Old Continent, Huawei-made equipment is already banned for federal use in the United States which is now pressuring its allies into following suit.

The company also denied claims it could be compelled to assist Chinese national intelligence work using information gathered from the UK.

BERLIN-Germany's federal cybersecurity agency is investigating whether China's Huawei Technologies could be a security threat after warnings from other countries, the Funke group of newspapers reported on February 8, citing Economy Minister Peter Altmaier.

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The U.S. already has a ban on Huawei or ZTE equipment being used by federal agencies and recipients of federal funding.

Huawei, the world's top producer of telecoms equipment and second-biggest maker of smartphones, has been facing mounting worldwide scrutiny amid fears China could use its equipment for espionage, a concern the company says is unfounded.

Already Huawei has rolled out cybersecurity bases in the United Kingdom and Germany to provide assurances that it takes security issues seriously.

China is livid and strongly demands the return of the executive, and has responded by arresting two Canadians in China on charges of posing a danger to Chinese security, A third Canadian arrested on drug charges has seen his case suddenly retried and the sentence increased from a jail term to the death sentence.

"It is a complicated and involved process, and will take at least three to five years to see tangible results".

The company has suffered a number of setbacks in recent months because of apparent concerns over its security - The Prince's Trust recently announced it would no longer accept donations from the firm, and both Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson and the head of MI6 Alex Younger have publicly expressed their concerns over the company.

Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance comprising the Anglophone countries of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the United States. And in January, DOJ unsealed a suite of charges against Huawei and its chief financial officer, who faces extradition to the USA for violating sanctions on Iran.

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