Jeff Bezos publishes National Enquirer extortion emails

Jeff Bexos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Speaks At Air Force Association Air Space & Cyber Conference. , Bloomberg

Bezos revealed in the post, published on Medium, what he said was the full text of emails his representatives got from executives with AMI, the publisher of the National Enquirer.

Bezos' accusations add another twist to a high-profile clash between the world's richest man and the leader of America's best-known tabloid.

The Bezos announced their divorce earlier this year.

AMI was apparently seeking a disavowal of statements in a story the Post published Tuesday exploring whether The National Enquirer's coverage of Bezos' affair - which featured intimate text messages between Bezos and Sanchez - was politically motivated.

Since then, Mr Bezos opened an investigation into the leak led by Gavin de Becker, a public safety expert and special appointee of former United States president Ronald Reagan.

Since the tabloid affair, Bezos opened an investigation into the leak led by Gavin de Becker, a public safety expert and former appointee of US President Ronald Reagan.

With the blog, Bezos says he's getting ahead of the story and exposing the "extortionate proposal" of AMI and its chief, the appropriately named Gavin Pecker. (That's the fig-leaf justification given by the Enquirer's lawyer.) But because the Enquirer's lawyer offered not to publish the photos in exchange for Bezos doing something valuable for them - namely, a statement from Bezos and his companies "that they have no knowledge or basis for suggesting that AM's coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces" - we may have something actionable here.

"Clearly Bezos will have a civil claim against AMI if they chose to bring it, but the question is whether it is criminal", said David Berger, a litigation partner with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. Mr Pecker, Mr Bezos said in his post, "recently entered into an immunity deal with the Department of Justice related to their role in the so-called "Catch and Kill" process on behalf of President Trump and his election campaign".

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In his post on Medium, Bezos called his ownership of The Post "a complexifier" for him.

The National Enquirer threatened to publish Jeff Bezos' dick pics if he didn't rein in his personal investigator, and in response the Amazon CEO posted about it on Medium.

Bezos included an email from Howard to de Becker's lawyer.

The Post reported that Michael Sanchez said he was told by multiple people at AMI that the Enquirer set out to do "a takedown to make Trump happy". President Trump is one of those people, obvious by his many tweets.

Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor and professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said the allegations potentially put prosecutors in an awkward position because of the deal they had already cut with AMI. "Also, The Post's essential and unrelenting coverage of the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in certain circles".

· Mr. Bezos face selfie at what appears to be a business meeting. (On that point, numerous people have contacted our investigation team about their similar experiences with AMI, and how they needed to capitulate because, for example, their livelihoods were at stake.)"Of course I don't want personal photos published, but I also won't participate in their well-known practice of blackmail, political favors, political attacks, and corruption".

"It shows how complicated and risky it is to make an agreement with National Enquirer", Levenson said.

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