You Can Now Lock WhatsApp On Your iPhone Using Face ID/Touch ID

WhatsApp adds fingerprint lock to chats

Whats App adds fingerprint lock to chats Whats App adds fingerprint lock to chats

Version 2.19.20 of the chatting client, that is now available to download through the App Store, provides fans with the ability to lock WhatsApp so either Face ID or Touch ID is needed to open it.

If you were anxious about others accessing your WhatsApp activity, especially on devices that you might share with children or friends, then all you have to do to secure those chats is to update the WhatsApp to the newest version.

WhatsApp is launching a new security feature that's so simple and useful, I'm surprised more messaging apps haven't implemented it. Starting today, WhatsApp will allow you to lock the app using TouchID or FaceID (Android is on the way). You can also select how quickly the app will lock itself after being closed. As previously reported, as part of the feature, users will need to unlock the app by unlocking it so that people can't snoop in on their conversations. This additional Face ID security is now available only for iOS users.

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Moreover, fans are still able to perform quick replies within Apple's iOS operating system, too. If you have them turned on then you'll be able to both see and reply to any messages without having to unlock the app.

Also of note, the Android version of the app doesn't support biometric authentication at this time.

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