Trump defends his abrupt decision to withdraw troops from Syria, Afghanistan

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"I inherited a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan, the "Endless Wars" of unlimited spending and death".

The Senate voted Thursday to approve a rebuke of President Donald Trump's decision to remove thousands of troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

The President, however, has stated that it was necessary as the lives of numerous troops were at risk and that the amount of money spent so far on the war is way too much.

According to Trump's tweet United States spend $50 billion annually in Afghanistan and after about 18 long years people are now talking about peace.

McConnell said this week that the Senate amendment "would acknowledge the plain fact that Al-Qaeda, [Islamic State], and their affiliates in Syria and Afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to our nation". We will soon have destroyed 100% of the Caliphate, but will be watching them closely.

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The statement from the President came a day after the Senate Republicans backed Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday voted for an amendment seeking a reversal of Trump's order to withdraw United States forces from Syria as well as a check on future plans to withdraw troops in Afghanistan.

The libertarian-leaning lawmaker said the USA had secured a victory in Afghanistan because it "got bin Laden" and "disrupted the people who attacked us".

On Tuesday the top U.S. intelligence chief said that the Daesh group still has "thousands" of fighters that it can rebuild into a cohesive force in any vacuum left in the war-torn country.

Both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda are recognized as "a global threat, which merits increased worldwide contributions to the counterterrorism, diplomatic and stabilization efforts underway in Syria and Afghanistan", according to the amendment. ISIS and Al Qaeda have yet to be defeated, and American national security interests require continued commitment to our mission there, " McConnell said Thursday, before the 68-23 vote.

It calls upon the Trump administration to certify conditions have been met for the groups' "enduring defeat" before any significant withdrawal from Syria or Afghanistan.

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