Apple restores functionality to Google and Facebook’s internal apps

Apple Facebook spat is over for now—iOS certificate access restored


"Apple's view is that we violated their terms by sideloading this app, and they decide the rules for their platform".

Revoking Google's enterprise certificate comes one day after Apple did the same to Facebook.

Apple appears to have stood firm on its position that "any developer using their enterprise certificates to distribute apps to consumers will have their certificates revoked".

Apple did not immediately have a comment Thursday after reinstating Facebook's access to its internal apps. This resulted in Google's pre-release beta apps as well as employee-only apps, for example those for using Google's shuttle bus or coffee shops, stopping working.

If Apple was unhappy with companies distributing apps developed under enterprise certificates to users outside of the enterprises, there would come the positive side of the issues, i.e. related how Apple implements the rule.

During the shutoff, Facebook also lost the ability to create and push out iPhone apps such as internal tools and apps to its own employees. "We have had our Enterprise Certification, which enables our internal employee applications, restored", a company spokesperson said in an email to The Register. Well, almost all except apps used by developers building apps used internally by enterprise employees.

While Google has its own operating system, Android, a large number of the company's nearly 100,000 employees use iPhones for their work, and the firm releases much of its software on both Android and Apple's iOS.

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When the news broke out, it was uncovered that Google was essentially doing the same thing with an app of its own, called Screenwise. Then Facebook distributed the app under an Apple program with a special approval process if apps are used only for internal testing. The company notes in a statement that all users voluntarily signed up for the Research app, and were free to opt out at any time.

The reference to encrypted data is meant to differentiate Google's app from Facebook Research, which Facebook said could collect data in some instances "even where the app uses encryption, or from within secure browser sessions". Google has since disabled the app on iOS.

Apple took action after TechCrunch reported on Tuesday that Facebook had been paying iPhone owners to use an app that collected their data for research purposes.

Facebook also said that fewer than five percent of users who participated in the market research program were teens. Would that have happened-ever-for a smaller company?

Business Insider obtained a leaked memo from Facebook executive Pedro Canahuati, which offers more detail on Apple's power over the social media giant.

Most users got $20 monthly gift cards from Facebook in exchange for using the app, and some were also given paid referral fees.

Shortly after Google's apology, Apple followed through and revoked Google's enterprise certificate too.

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