UN Tells Venezuela's Juan Guaido That Government Must Agree To Aid

Foreign Secretary call with Juan Guaido: 30 January 2019

‘Novaya Gazeta’ reports Russia helped sell Venezuelan gold. Russia’s Central Bank denies it.

Guaido argues that Maduro was re-elected in a sham election previous year, and is invoking two articles of Venezuela's constitution that he says allow him as the leader of the national assembly to assume the presidency and call elections when the current president is holding power illegitimately.

Guaido is at the center of Venezuela's political upheaval as he presses forward with establishing a transitional government after swearing himself in as the nation's rightful president in a move denounced by Maduro as a US -backed coup.

On Thursday, Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who has helped spearhead the U.S.'s hard-line stance toward the Maduro regime, fired off a tweet calling out the United Arab Emirates' Noor Capital as the financial firm orchestrating the gold transaction with Venezuelan authorities.

Guaidó is pressing forward with establishing a transitional government after swearing himself in as the nation's rightful president.

Tension climbed when Guaido declared himself interim president on January 23.

The European Parliament has called on EU member states to recognize Guaido as interim president.

Guaido does not yet control any of the state's functions, which remain loyal to Maduro despite the opposition's calls for defections.

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John Bolton, Trump's national security adviser, tweeted that "bankers, brokers, traders, facilitators, and other businesses" should not deal in any Venezuelan commodities that he alleged were being stolen by the "Maduro mafia".

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro attends a military exercise in in Caracas, Feb. 1, 2019. On Monday, the U.S. "We're facing the greatest political, diplomatic and economic aggression that Venezuela has confronted in 200 years".

Other commentators speculated - without solid evidence -that the planes may have brought Russian mercenaries to Venezuela, or that they were there to escort Maduro into exile.

As Nicolas Maduro, the authoritarian ruler, tries to stave off mounting global pressure to relinquish power, the fate of those gold bars has become a cause of great concern both in Venezuela and overseas. Guaido led a peaceful demonstration Wednesday with residents stepping out of their homes and workplaces for two hours.

"There is no possible discussion here".

"Nicolas Maduro is a dictator with no claim to power", Pence said about the head of the South American government who has been at the center of the recent political and economic maelstrom. "Maduro has to leave", Sucre told The Associated Press in Madrid, where he is wrapping up a three-day European tour to enlist support for Guaido.

The mobilizations are meant to keep up the pressure after Washington recognized Guaido as the legitimate president and issued potentially crippling sanctions that are likely to further weaken the OPEC nation's struggling oil industry.

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