Scotland's weather: Travel disruption warning from new snow alerts

REX Wimbledon Common covered in heavy frost and ice Seasonal weather London UK- 30 Jan 2019

A woman cycles across Wimbledon Common which was covered in heavy frost and ice

As snow eases the Met Office warns of icy stretches across large parts of central and southern England, and the midlands.

"While I understand that Met Éireann and the Met Office operate two different standards in relation to weather warnings, I don't believe these competing approaches should lead to an inability to represent weather situations when/where they occur across Ireland".

An amber snow warning has been issued for an area west of London including parts of Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire, meaning travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property.

Around 100 vehicles are stranded on the A30 near Temple, also in Cornwall, because of a whiteout, Highways England said.

Eastern areas around Haverhill, Hadleigh, Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds could see snow in the air but wet conditions could leave ice on the ground rather than snowflakes.

What does the weather warning say? .

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Mark Wilson, a Met Office forecaster, said: "Saturday night into Sunday could also be very cold".

But it is far from the lowest United Kingdom temperature recorded there in January 1982, when it reached -27.7C (-17.86F).

Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith said: "There is still sleet and snow across southern counties, the band is now sitting across the south-west and Wales and across to East Anglia and London".

In the evening the forecaster is predicting heavy rain on the coast with further "possibly disruptive" sleet or snow falling inland.

Snow fell in the city last night but melted by the time morning arrived.

There are also patches of freezing fog in rural areas and even on the A12, causing traffic to slow at various sections along the route.

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