News FaceTime bug lets you eavesdrop if the other party doesn't answer

Apple demonstrates Group Facetime at WWDC 2018

Enlarge Apple demonstrates Group Facetime at WWDC

This will then create a Facebook group and connect the two calls, meaning you can now listen in on whatever is happening on the other end of the line you FaceTimed.

Exploiting this bug could allow a person to listen in to their target's private conversations without the target knowing, and all they would need to do is FaceTime them. If the recipient of the call presses the power button on the side of the iPhone - an action that is typically used to silence or ignore an incoming call - their phone will begin broadcasting video to the initial caller.

The site also found that video calls to Mac were affected by the same bug, and that in certain circumstances an attacker could also get access to a target iPhone's camera feed before it had picked up.

This starts a Group FaceTime call.

The bug, apparently discovered on Monday, has been spreading on social media.

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Folks have confirmed it is possible to call someone via FaceTime, and secretly listen in on their device's microphone before they accept or reject a call.

Apple has issued a statement to say that the bug will be fixed in an upcoming software release for iOS out this week.

Ok, here's the thing. iOS 12.1 has a major bug with FaceTime. It's unclear how long Apple has been aware of the bug and if the company had plans to disclose it prior 9to5Mac posting about the flaw. In the meantime, you'll probably want to disable FaceTime and maybe sleep with your iPhone outside the bedroom for a bit.

Until Apple releases its software update, it appears that the best way for iPhone users to protect their privacy is to disable FaceTime in the phone's settings.

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