Chicago, Minneapolis Weather Forecast: Minus 55 Windchill Expected, Frostbite, Hypothermia Possible

Orla Calnan said that the polar vortex has been an eye-opening experience

Orla Calnan said that the polar vortex has been an eye-opening experience

Then the "coldest air mass in years" will hit the region on Tuesday with extreme cold lasting through Friday, the weather service said. Frigid weather is expected to shatter dozens of temperature records throughout the eastern half of the country.

In North and South Dakota, peak wind gusts were measured at 60-70 miles (96-113 kilometers) per hour.

CPS officials says they will update parents Tuesday around noon regarding school Wednesday and Thursday.

But the deep freeze is only half of the story.

The weather service noted that the "harshest conditions" are anticipated from North Dakota to northern IL.

A unsafe cold-air outbreak will reach the Midwest and Great Lakes on Tuesday and is expected to last multiple days with the potential to break dozens of records.

A displacement of a portion of the polar vortex will cause temperatures in some Midwestern cities to fall to their lowest levels in more than two decades by midweek.

Orla Calnan is experiencing her first winter in Chicago
Orla Calnan is experiencing her first winter in Chicago

The blast arrives before fans flock to Atlanta this week for the Super Bowl game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The New England Patriots are set to face the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

A mix of snow and rain is in the forecast for MA this week. In Michigan, non-essential government offices were closed, including the Capitol.

"By Wednesday and Thursday, morning lows may reach the minus 20s in the Twin Cities, with minus teens and minus 20s in Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago and Milwaukee", the Weather Channel reports. A full list of warming centers, recreation centers, and public libraries is below.

However, the end of a winter storm warning was replaced with a windchill advisory, which was scheduled to go into effect on Tuesday morning.

The storm comes on the five-year anniversary of a "snowpocalyse" storm that paralyzed Atlanta, and some locals anxious the weather combined with swelling Super Bowl crowds would snarl roads and cause another catastrophe.

On the heels of the storm, almost a dozen states braced for a blast of arctic air known as a polar vortex, which was expected to lower temperatures well below normal and far below zero.

Temperatures look like they will bottom out around the middle of the week before they start to warm up around the weekend.

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