Partial government shutdown ends without funds for wall

Trump Signs Temporary Spending Bill To Fund Three Weeks of Federal Government

Trump Admin Failing at Hiring Immigration Officers, Border Agents

While Trump looked like he was going to refuse any offer without border wall money, once Congress was poised to pass a clean bill, he decided it was best to reopen the government until February 15 in the meantime and stop the longest-ever government shutdown.

Trump's job approval ratings drooped from an already anemic 40 percent down into the mid-30s, a troubling sign as he looks ahead to a 2020 re-election battle, already clouded by the prospect of more headlines from a Russian election meddling probe.

In California for a meeting of the Koch political network, Trump supporter and Koch donor Doug Deason of Texas said he was "severely disappointed" that the president agreed to reopen the federal government.

Trump got off to a busy start Saturday on Twitter, and reminded the nation that there could be another shutdown soon, because "21 days goes very quickly".

"Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson", Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in a gloating press conference with Pelosi. "And that is what maybe the president underestimated". But if a deal on the wall isn't made by Feb.15, the president insisted his administration would be "off to the races".

As negotiations restart, Mr Trump enters them from a weakened position. A strong majority of Americans blamed him for the standoff and rejected his arguments for a border wall, polls showed.

Blowback was swift. Democrats claimed victory and hardline conservative commentators decried the abrupt end as a capitulation, pointing out that the short-term deal, which will last until Feb 15, was reached in spite of Mr Trump's previous insistence that he would not sign any deal that did not include funding for a US$5.7 billion (S$7.7 billion) wall at the US-Mexico border. "Trump has fairly broad power to do so, though it would nearly certainly be challenged in the court system".

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Trump has for two years promised his supporters a wall to stop the tide of illegal immigration coming from the US southern border.

But Trump conceded "we do not need 2,000 miles of concrete wall from sea to shining sea - we never did" and invoked the utility of "smart walls" that substitute some physical barriers for drones and other sensors.

The deal includes back pay for some 800,000 federal workers who have gone without paychecks. President Trump held a roundtable with Hispanic pastors to discuss border security and economy. Afterward McConnell said Congress will concentrate on border security in the next three weeks and that "negotiations on DHS will be prioritized over consideration of any other funding bills". We didn't hire him to maintain the status quo, " said Deason, a member of the finance committee of America First Action, the only sanctioned pro-Trump super PAC. Some lashed out Friday for his having yielded, for now, on his signature campaign promise.

Ann Coulter, one of Trump's biggest supporters, called him the biggest "wimp" to ever serve as US president. Whereas Democrats say the president did, in fact, concede, some on the right said Trump caved to the Democrats. Asked about Trump's wall, Pelosi, who has said repeatedly she won't approve money for it, said: "Have I not been clear?"

Although no money will be allocated for Trump's wall, the White House and congressional leaders agreed to review border security as part of a Department of Homeland Security spending bill.

News site Breitbart, once run by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, simply posted "Government Open".

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