Syrian air defences intercept 'missiles' near Damascus: State media

Syria intercepts Israeli missiles fired toward Damascus

Syria Says Israel Hit Airport Warehouse Near Damascus

The source further said that the aggression occurred at 11:15 p.m. local time on Friday, adding, "Eight enemy targets spotted in the skies of Damascus exploded".

The Syrian army said its air defenses intercepted most of the missiles, adding that only a warehouse in the Damascus global airport was damaged.

Missiles fired by Israeli warplanes struck a warehouse at Damascus International Airport late Friday, causing damage but no casualties, a Syrian military official said.

The state news agency also quoted a transport ministry source as saying that the airport was running normally.

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Israel has mounted attacks in Syria as part of its efforts to counter the influence carved out there by Iran, which is supporting President Bashar al-Assad in the war that erupted in 2011. Reports from Syrian state media say that the attacks centered on a warehouse outside of the airport. While Israeli sources claimed that the positions were being used by Iranian forces, the airstrikes injured several Syrian service members.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel was behind a series of airstrikes targeting "Iranian warehouses" at Syria's Damascus worldwide airport overnight Friday.

The last such missile attack was carried out on December 25, 2018, during which the Israeli warplanes fired missiles on Syrian military depots in the western countryside of Damascus from inside the Lebanese airspace.

Israel is able to continue to get away with attacks against Syria only because it is protected by the United States, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said following the IAF's latest attack on its soil.

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