Minister contradicts May on ‘no-deal Brexit’

Theresa May feeling the stress of Brexit on her last visit to Brussels More

Theresa May feeling the stress of Brexit on her last visit to Brussels More

Crucially for the Remainers, an amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Act passed before the Christmas recess-also authored by Grieve-allows MPs to amend any government statement following a Brexit defeat.

Furthermore, Labour have declared that, should Theresa May's Brexit deal get voted down next week, they will table an immediate motion of no confidence in the government.

Japan's ambassador to Britain, Koji Tsuruoka, issued a blunt warning about Brexit last February when he said Japanese companies would have to leave Britain if trade barriers made them unprofitable.

The Japanese-owned vehicle giant said the move was to ensure it could adjust to "all possible outcomes caused by logistics and border issues".

But the bloc refuses to reopen the agreement, and opposition to the negotiated deal remains strong from both pro-Brexit and pro-EU lawmakers in Britain.

Mr Abe said: "It is the strong will of Japan to further develop this strong partnership with the United Kingdom, to invest more into your country and to enjoy further economic growth with the UK". The scale of the defeat suffered by the deal in the first vote is key: if the scale of the defeat is marginal then markets could bid Sterling higher on the assumption it will cross the line in the event of some fresh concessions being offered by the EU.

The government also offered a concession to Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, saying the British province would have "a strong role" in any decision between triggering the backstop or extending a transition period if a future relationship with the European Union is not in place by December 2020.

She said it was right for the government to make preparations for no deal, comparing it with wearing a seatbelt when driving a fast auto.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, said that "not one single dot or comma has changed" since December's aborted vote.

The Commons Speaker said he will go on chairing the business of the House "no matter how much abuse I get", telling MPs: "It's water off a duck's back as far as I am concerned".

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Speaking alongside Mrs May following talks at 10 Downing Street, Shinzo Abe said that the "whole world" was hoping that the United Kingdom would not crash out of the European Union without a deal.

If the government lose a no confidence motion, there will be a period of 14 days in which parties can seek to find an alternative working majority in parliament and a general election would be called if they fail to do so.

It means the government will have to come up with revised plans within three days if Mrs May's European Union withdrawal deal is rejected by MPs next week.

He warned the UK's options were narrowing given the need to avoid, at all costs, a no-deal exit which he claimed was "simply not viable for practical reasons".

Susan Martin, one of the founding members of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire People's Vote Campaign said: "As a raft of independent assessments - and even the Government themselves - have now acknowledged, the Government's proposed Brexit would severely harm our economy, our NHS, and our standing in the world".

"Countries across the globe are looking at Britain in despair". "End this costly charade and rule out no deal", Corbyn demanded. "Why doesn't Theresa May?".

Friday will see the third of five days of debate on the European Union withdrawal agreement, which has been opposed by more than 100 Conservative MPs.

He said it "wasn't perfect" but he would back it because "we are now in the dying stages and no deal is unconscionable".

"For Japan, the United Kingdom is the gateway to the European market - Japanese businesses have created 1,000 bases in the United Kingdom offering more than 150,000 jobs".

During their meeting in Downing Street, Mrs May and Mr Abe also discussed a number of joint projects, including research around conditions such as dementia and heart failure, the increasing use of big data and artificial intelligence, and environmentally friendly growth.

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