Tlaib 'Dishonored' Herself With Impeachment Remarks

Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib Will be Sworn in Using Thomas Jefferson's Quran

First two Muslim women sworn into US Congress

"My swearing in on the (Quran) is about me showing that the American people are made up of diverse backgrounds and we all have love of justice and freedom", she told the newspaper. The president drew major applause when telling supporters that rather than politely mention tariffs to Chinese officials, he would prefer to be more direct and say, "Listen, you motherfuckers, we're going to tax you 25%".

Another pro-Republican account claimed Tlaib's comments actually help Republicans, not Democrats. "You can't impeach somebody who is doing a great job", he said, echoing his tweet from Thursday morning.

"We shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason, and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason", she said.

He dismissed suggestions that the impeachment talk distracts from the fight over the partial government shutdown, where Democrats are clashing with Trump over funding for a southern border wall.

Rashida Tlaib is not holding back on how she feels about President Trump. The article ran in the Detroit Free Press with a co-author and is titled, "Now is the time to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump".

Tlaib became the first Palestinian woman elected to the U.S. Congress and joined Minnesota's Ilhan Omar in becoming the first Muslim women elected to the legislature.

Rashida Tlaib used an expletive Thursday in pushing for impeaching President Donald Trump.

Tlaib is one of few Democratic lawmakers to call for Trump's removal from office, however House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House Democratic leaders have tread more carefully around the topic of impeachment. They want to wait for special counsel Robert Mueller to issue a final report from his Russian Federation probe before moving to impeach Trump - if they even do.

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Democrats who support impeachment have argued that Trump obstructed justice by firing former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, and that hush payments to at least two women made by his personal attorney during the presidential race violated campaign finance laws.

"I thought her comments were disgraceful".

As I wrote then, you can't be too anti-Trump because there is nobody on the fence about him.

"It's important to me because a lot of Americans have this kind of feeling that Islam is somehow foreign to American history", said Tlaib.

Helpful for what, though, I'm not sure. Being accessible to every single resident from day one is how I serve you.

Fox 2: "You man think her needs to be impeached but do you think it's appropriate for a congressperson to use that language?"

The spokeswoman said that people calling for Trump's impeachment have been doing do so because they simply "can't beat him when it comes to policy debate", and they have "no solutions" for the United States.

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