This is a hoot: Real birds react to Bird Box

Machine Gun Kelly on the set of Bird Box. Credit Instagram

Machine Gun Kelly on the set of Bird Box. Credit Instagram

With the announcement that Sandra Bullock's "Bird Box" scored 45 million viewers, tt seems that Netflix has crowned itself king of the entertainment world in an age of intense ADD where people can stream whatever they want wherever they want at any time.

It wasn't the first time the streaming giant has boasted about one of its projects having a major impact with its subscribers.

Though Netflix say the film has passed 45 million views, but each Netflix account can accommodate 5 viewers. It could be a great deal more than 45 million. "I'll still make The Post and ask an audience to please go out to theaters and see The Post and not make it for Netflix".

"I don't believe that films that are given token qualifications, in a couple of theaters for less than a week, should qualify for Academy Award nominations", Spielberg told ITV News.

Others industry insiders wondered about the performance of Netflix's other recent high-profile titles that didn't get a data shoutout. Does the figure account for those who accidentally play the film from an auto-play option? Netflix refused to tell The Verge how many Bird Box streamers were based in the U.S. ( has reached out to Netflix for comment, too, and we'll update this piece if Netflix shares any new information with us). "Because of this, in no way does one Netflix viewer equal one ticket sale at the theater".

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Being clear-eyed about Netflix's Twitter brags doesn't mean that we have to be unimpressed with Bird Box's success. Undoubtedly, a large part of the reason the film quickly caught the attention of many was because of the plethora of viral memes that emerged from it.

"My goal is to create original content for wide audiences, but how do I cater to an audience if I do not know what they are turning in to watch?" she said.

One faction of viewers feels that, by using the effect of "going crazy" to convey the terrors of the beasts, the film is stigmatizing anyone with any mental illness and turning them into a monster without any subtlety.

"If we had metrics showing that these films were performing well, getting these kind of films financed would be a lot easier", Green said.

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