Apple admits to iPad Pro bending, but says this is normal

Want to get someone an iPad for Christmas? This is the deal you've been waiting for

Want to get someone an iPad for Christmas? This is the deal you've been waiting

A few users claimed on the MacRumors forum that they discovered bends in their new tablets. However, Apple has now confirmed the defect, but also said that it is totally normal.

It's also reported that the LTE model of the iPad Pro could experience the flaw more often due to the plastic antenna strip. That being said, Apple said that the bent iPad Pros are not defects and will still function perfectly well as intended.

Apple agreed with the accusations of users that some of its iPad Pro 2018 are produced with a very slight bend in the aluminum housing.

It would probably be safe to assume someone spending $2400 plus tax on an iPad Pro would be rightly upset if it came out of the box slightly bent.

With the release of the new iPad Pro, Apple fans are clearly anxious to get hold of their latest slice of technology from the company.

If you noticed that your 2018 iPad Pro can bend and maybe even arrived with a slight bend in it right out of the box, then you're not imagining things.

Image lili sams  mashable
Image lili sams mashable

Over at B&H Photo, you can take $330 off the price of Apple's iPad Pro with 64GB capacity and cellular connectivity.

Back in November, YouTuber JerryRigEverything posted a video showing how Apple's 2018 iPad Pro "folds like a piece of paper."

Don't worry, Apple says.

As of this time, there are no reports of performance issues caused by the bending, nor are there any complaints about further physical degradation or damage as a result of the bending.

Just to be clear, this isn't a fabricated story, Apple admitted the issue and claimed that it's "fine" and it won't affect the tablet in any way, thus you're not getting it replaced. This might not be taken in a positive light by users and potential buyers as the tablet costs Rs 71,900 (base model of 11-inch iPad Pro (2018)).

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