Tony Evers Not Optimistic Scott Walker Will Veto Bills

GOP energy grabs pour gasoline on ‘resistance’ in key Midwest states

GOP energy grabs pour gasoline on ‘resistance’ in key Midwest states by Denis Bedoya | Dec 11 2018 | News

Greg Magarian, professor of law at the School of Law, doesn't see any constitutional roadblocks to recent movements by the Wisconsin and Michigan Republican-majority legislatures created to limit power of newly elected Democratic governors.

For those who have not been following Wisconsin state politics for the last decade, it's worth a quick recap on the goings on in the Dairy State.

"I think Republicans talk about impeachment more than Democrats do", Jean-Pierre said.

Republican senator speaks out on the importance of the attorney general nominee being confirmed on 'Sunday Morning Futures'.

The lame-duck moves would be similar to efforts in Wisconsin, where lawmakers voted earlier Wednesday to shift clout to the Republican-controlled Legislature and weaken the Democrat replacing the GOP governor. I have a state-issued photo ID because I'm a student at University of Wisconsin, a state school. Voter fraud is incredibly rare.

People shouted "shame", "veto and go" and held signs that said "RIP democracy", "end voter suppression".

Many analysts credit that law with suppressing enough votes to flip Wisconsin from blue to red in the 2016 presidential election.

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The result of this? The GOP majority said there needs to be clarification of where people could register on Election Day because local clerks expressed concerns about potentially having to register them at crowded polling places. The legislation also targets the authorities of incoming Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul, who, like Evers, campaigned on promises to expand health care and protect welfare programs. They lost all statewide races amid strong Democratic turnout. And though only 50 percent of Republicans believe that global warming is real (versus 90 percent of Democrats), the fact is that Americans who recognize the unsafe reality of climate change outnumber those who don't by a ratio of 5:1. And that explains what they're trying to pull now. These candidates didn't develop a sudden case of compassion; they simply recognized that once American voters, even Trump voters, finally understood what benefits they'd derived from the ACA, they showed up at town hall meetings and jammed congressional switchboards to prevent its repeal. "But you had Democrats deserting the legislature and going out of state where they couldn't be tracked down".

The hearing, slated for Wednesday before a subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, marks the first hearing or markup devoted to the policy issue since Republicans won the House in 2010.

There's no point in getting all philosophical just for the sake of doing so, and I'll talk soon enough about what Republicans are trying to pull in Wisconsin and MI, but let's spend some time exploring what that venerable idea-the one about consent of the governed-really means, and why it matters. The measure would shift campaign finance powers to a new bipartisan Fair Political Practices Commission - modeled after the Federal Election Commission - with members appointed by the governor.

This is how we keep our government accountable to the people.

Evers says Republicans are ignoring the will of voters.

"This is a heck of a way to run a railroad", Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling said as the Senate debate resumed at 5 a.m. after a seven-hour impasse.

Long-time Lansing political observer Bill Ballenger, a Republican lawmaker in the 1960s and 1970s, said it's been in more recent years that lawmakers have turned to lame duck sessions to try and cram through controversial legislation.

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