Roger, The Unbelievably Ripped Kangaroo, Has Died

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Roger the kangaroo, who found Internet fame due to his muscular physique, died on Saturday (Dec 8) at the age of 12, The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs said.

Roger had 1.3 million Facebook and Instagram followers, and was housed in an Australian kangaroo sanctuary after his mother was killed by a passing auto.

Roger the kangaroo had a six-pack any mere human being would have died for - and the ability to crush metal buckets in his huge, manly paws.

"We will reflect on his life today and many years to come".

In a 2016 clip from Kangaroo Dundee, a National Geographic documentary series about Barns' work at the sanctuary, Barns is shown ambling down a dirt path on crutches after he injured his knee sprinting away from Roger in hopes of avoiding a fight.

The massive red kangaroo weighed almost 200 pounds and stood about six feet seven inches, according to the sanctuary.

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Mr Barns set up the sanctuary as a place to raise him.

Meanwhile a UK-based couple took to Facebook to say they were "truly saddened" to learn about the kangaroo's death, before adding he was a "magnificent chap and much loved here, in the United Kingdom, as well as all over the world".

In January, Mr Barns explained in a video that Roger was "retired" and was less aggressive as he was getting older.

Roger was the sanctuary's alpha male for many years, Barnes added.

"Ten years ago I built this sanctuary to house Roger and a couple of his wives, Ella and Abigail. We will always love you and miss you Roger". At 12, his death was in line with the red kangaroo's life expectancy of about 12-15 years.

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