Highlights from Musk's 60 Minutes interview

Elon Musk Is Real Pissed He Can’t Just Tweet Whatever Anymore

Elon Musk: ‘I Want to be Clear: I Do Not Respect the SEC’

In addition, Musk talked about why he open-sourced Tesla's patents, saying competition in the electric cars industry is good for the environment.

Asked how Tesla would know if his tweets are going to move the company's stock price if they aren't being reviewed in advance, Mr. Musk suggested the company "might make some mistakes".

Musk, who owns about 20 percent of Tesla, gave up the chairman role under a settlement with the Securities Exchange Commission, which had charged the CEO with misleading investors in August with a tweet that said he had "funding secured" for taking the company private.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk appeared to have a tearful breakdown live on "60 Minutes" Sunday as he complained the Securities and Exchange Commission wouldn't let him tweet whatever he wants.

It was during this part of the 60 Minutes interview that Musk made clear exactly what he thinks of the independent federal agency.

SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk spoke in Hawthorne, Calif., on September 17. "Yeah. It, it's not realistic in the sense that I am the largest shareholder in the company. This includes having a policy (which technically needs to be in place by December 28) that requires pre-approval of any communications that reasonably could contain material information".

Associated Press Trump looking at several candidates for chief of staff
Also on December 8, Trump announced Mark Milley will be the new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing Gen. Trump's presidency with a "landslide" victory for the yet-to-be determined Democratic nominee in 2020.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Tesla said: "We can confirm the settlement is being complied with". She is the chief financial officer and strategy head at Telstra Corp.

Musk said "it's not realistic" to see Denholm as watching over him, because of his large shareholder stake.

However, during the interview, Musk said no one has reviewed any of his tweets since the settlement with the SEC. In the end, he got to remain as CEO while stepping down as chairman for at least three years. "But the system would have failed if I was truly erratic", Musk said.

"I actually prefer to have no titles at all", Musk said.

"The whole point of Tesla is to accelerate the advent of electric vehicles ..." (Barron's Avi Salzman made that point back in early November.) Musk also said it is "possible" that he might look to take on manufacturing capacity vacated by other auto makers as they pull back. The Tesla Factory in Fremont, California is a former GM plant that closed in 2010 but reopened later that year under Musk.

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