Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is designed for 5G and AI

Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 855 Processor for 5G Phones

Qualcomm Ushers in Decade of 5G at Summit on Maui

Qualcomm will tie its X50 5G NR modem with this latest processor, enabling 5G connections in many of next year's devices. At this point, Qualcomm has only said this new chipset will offer "up to three times the AI performance compared to the previous generation mobile platform".

In addition to unveiling the Snapdragon 855 at an event in Hawaii today, Qualcomm revealed a 5G smartphone reference design which looks... like a phone... with a 5G icon in the status bar. The new Snapdragon 855 SoC will come with 5G X50 modem and will bring 5G network capabilities onboard smartphones in the U.S. as soon as in the next year. And while the attention is understandable - especially with the likes of Verizon and AT&T both announcing plans for a 5G phone with Samsung - phones won't be the only way you can hop on 5G's faster speeds. It'll take seconds to download a full TV season, and doctors will be able to perform remote surgeries in real time.

We also have yet to see how well 5G will work on mobile devices, as 5G primarily transmits on the "millimeter wave" spectrum that has trouble penetrating walls and other obstacles.

Qualcomm is making a big push with 5G devices.

5G is the evolution of 4G LTE, and promises faster and more reliable speeds.

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Moving forward from 5G, Qualcomm has announced a brand new AI engine for the Snapdragon 855.

Devices with Snapdragon 855 should also see a significant improvement in computational photography thanks to the new Spectra 380 image signal processor (ISP), which will include computer vision capabilities. This will not only ensure users unlock their phones in a blink of an eye but also make the entire process very secure.

Meanwhile Qualcomm and Nokia have been doing some 5G testing in Finland, once more with this 1H 2019 5G switch on deadline in mind. This is an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader that Qualcomm says will read your fingerprint even if its wet or oily.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will learn all about the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

Apart from 5G connectivity, Qualcomm also announced its "3D Sonic Sensor", a fingerprint scanner for smartphones that will lay underneath the screen completely hidden from sight. This is, after all, the next generation of mobile wireless - the one that will help drive economic growth, transform a broad set of industries, and change our lives as we know them - arriving just months from now.

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