Ukrainian leader says Putin wants his whole country, asks for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation help

Lieutenant-general Sergiy Nayev commander of the operation against Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine observes from his helicopter military drills near Urzuf village not far from the city of Mariupol

Ukraine’s new front is Europe’s big challenge

"A historic decision has been made to set up an autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church", Poroshenko said Thursday.

The broad concern here, in an armed force that has fended off the massively better-equipped Russian military during a slow relentless four-year conflict, is that this is the beginning of a new episode.

"Don't believe Putin's lies", Poroshenko told Bild, Germany's biggest-selling paper, comparing Russia's protestations of innocence in the affair to Moscow's 2014 denial that it had soldiers in Crimea even as they moved to annex it. A land corridor would be a huge advantage. That followed a warning from Poroshenko that Ukrainian intelligence services had ascertained Russian Federation was amassing tanks and ships across the border and there was a "threat of full-scale war".

The fact that no North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member is presently planning to send any ships to the Azov Sea-not even a short friendly visit-will hardly calm the Russian nightmare assessment of the West suddenly achieving naval superiority there. "More than twenty ships are waiting on that side to proceed to our ports".

When countries gather on Sunday to hammer out how they will enact pledges to cut carbon emissions, a Norwegian-led oil consortium will offer a solution: pump some of your excess carbon dioxide to us and we could store it for you.

But it isn't going to change Moscow's plans in and of itself.

Environmentalists worry the costly technology, known as carbon capture and storage (CCS), will perpetuate the fossil fuel status quo when rapid and deep cuts energy use are needed to limit global warming.

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"While desperately trying to stay in power, he is pulling the country into another scheme, followed by disastrous consequences for Ukraine, as well as for European security", said the spokesperson.

His Western allies have so far not offered to provide any of these things, despite his warnings of a possible Russian invasion after Moscow seized three Ukrainian naval ships and their crews on Sunday near Crimea.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would raise the Black Sea issue with Putin at a G-20 summit which starts in Argentina on Friday where the Russian leader is also due to hold talks with US President Donald Trump.

Ukraine has blocked Russian men aged between 16 and 60 from entering the country in a sweeping ban that will affect travel for hundreds of thousands of people.

Volodymyr Omelyan, Ukraine's infrastructure minister, said on Thursday Russia had imposed a de facto blockade on two Ukrainian ports on the Sea of Azov by barring ships from leaving and entering the sea via the Kerch Strait.

The search of the cleric's home came a day after Poroshenko announced that the Constantinople patriarchy had approved a decree granting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church independence from the Russian Orthodox Church, a major boost to the president's approval ratings as he runs for re-election. The Ukrainian Navy has already moved several Gurza-M boats to the Sea of Azov this year and announced plans to establish a military naval base in Berdyansk, citing increased Russian military threats (RIA Novosti, November 16). "I don't know why [Trump] supports Poroshenko", said Elena.

The Kremlin says it has not been notified of a cancellation of the much-anticipated meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump. "There is little work here and no one has paid us, we don't have enough money". Nor was it Russian Federation using a snap exercise to disguise an attack on a soft portion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's defenses. "He sees us as his colony".

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