Gender-reveal stunt sparked 45000-acre wildfire that did $8M in damage

Arizona Daily Star  YouTube

Arizona Daily Star YouTube

The video shows the words "Boy and "Girl" written across a target that's surrounded by tall grass in Green Valley".

Video released by the U.S. Forest Service on Monday shows how an explosion at a gender reveal party caused a devastating wildfire in Arizona a year ago.

"Start packing up, start packing up", a man can be heard yelling as the blue cloud turned into flames.

An American couple accidentally started a 47,000-acre wildfire that took nearly 800 firefighters to extinguish when their gender reveal went horribly wrong. He mixed colored powder into a Tannerite exploding target which would show blue or pink smoke when shot with a rifle.

Dickey was sentenced to 5 years probation, and ordered to pay more than 8 million dollars in restitution - $100,000 of which he paid immediately, with the rest to be paid in $500 monthly installments.

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According to NBC News, the Sawmill fire burned some 47,000 acres and required a total of 800 firefighters to contain it.

The Forest Service apparently released the video to the Arizona Daily Star as part of the Freedom of Information Act.

Dickey pleaded guilty in September to a federal misdemeanour charge of starting a fire without a permit. The off-duty border patrol agent said he was trying to surprise his family with the gender of his wife's unborn child.

One of the commenters where the video is posted on YouTube, wrote, "I feel bad for the poor baby boy who's inheriting those genes".

Speaking in court, he told the judge: "It was a complete accident".

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