Trump urges Mexico to send migrants home; 42 arrested

'Thank you President T': Trump congratulates himself as holiday break ends

Donald Trump tells Mexico to send migrants home, claiming 'many' are 'stone cold criminals'

Later, Trump told reporters at an event in MS that he would close the border if migrants "charge" the barrier.

A small group, some of them bearing the Honduran flag, broke off and headed a few hundred feet (metres) away toward a canal between Tijuana and San Diego that leads to the border fence. You have a lot of people who grab children. A photo of her clutching the hands of twin five-year-old daughters Saira and Cheili, as her 13-year-old daughter Jamie runs alongside, has gone viral and sparked angry reactions from some lawmakers and charities. "They did so safely and without any reported serious injuries on either side of the border", McAleenan said.

Her young son James almost fainted when a canister landed near him.

"Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it any way you want, but they are NOT coming into the United States of America", the president, who spent his Thanksgiving break with his family at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida said.

Given the extensive fortifications at the U.S. border, the migrants' push to cross the border was doomed, even if they held out hopes that they somehow would be able to get through.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement that some migrants "attempted to breach legacy fence infrastructure along the border and sought to harm CBP personnel by throwing projectiles at them".

For weeks before the 6 November congressional elections, Mr Trump raised the alarm about the migrant caravans and ordered some 5,800 USA troops to the border to support border patrol agents.

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He told AP in a separate statement Friday, "It is clear from his recent videos and his recent interviews that my friend Dr. Corsi has been under a tremendous amount of pressure and it is beginning to affect him profoundly".

Trump made similar threats in October ahead of the midterm elections, warning that an approaching "caravan" of migrants posed a risk to USA security and claiming without evidence that criminals were among the group.

On Monday, Trump tweeted the caravan at the border included "stone cold criminals". "We need food, water, blankets and a dignified place for people to sleep", he said.

The San Ysidro Port of Entry, located between Tijuana and San Diego, had to be closed for hours Sunday after the incident. The migrants, who are fleeing poverty and violence, have said they would wait there until they could request asylum, despite growing US measures to tighten the border. "Are we in the United States yet?" some asked in desperate tones.

When they neared the second fence, United States border agents fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them as helicopters buzzed overhead. "And it's going to be formed and they're running up with a child".

As crowds amassed at San Ysidro, around 500 migrants overwhelmed federal and local Mexican police blockades and rushed toward the border, said freelance reporter Alfredo Alvarez, who is in the crowd. He has insisted that each person seeking asylum wait on Mexico's side of the border until their application is processed and their case decided.

"I think the funding of the wall right now, never looked better, never looked better", Trump said. Instead, the plan would require asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their asylum status is granted.

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