Trump rallies for 2018 Republicans

Trump sparks outrage with ‘racist’ immigration ad ahead of midterm elections

Obama warns against rhetoric designed to sow fear

Republicans are actively seeking support from Donald Trump, who remains the party's most popular and popular personality, and assumes that the elections are a referendum on his person. The sitting president's party often losing ground in the first midterm after winning office, and for much of 2018, voter enthusiasm and polling has favoured Democrats as well.

But redistricting has forced Rothfus into a new 17th district, where only 36 percent of voters are Republicans and almost half are Democrats.

Trump is trying to fire up his base - Republican voters frequently cite immigration as a top concern - as the GOP tries to retain control of the House and Senate. Lamb has support from more than half of likely voters.

One spot, titled "Murder, Gangs, Terrorism", attacks Democrat Ron DiNicola, a Marine veteran and lawyer running against GOP Rep. Mike Kelly in a conservative-learning Pennsylvania district, for representing "a Mexican drug lord who tortured and murdered a USA agent".

"Pennsylvania is going to be the bellwether". Republicans say the law is necessary to deter voter fraud.

Trump is mostly focusing on Senate and gubernatorial races during his final midterms push, expressing greater and greater confidence that his immigration- and bash-Democrats strategy will get out the GOP vote. If Democrats won only those seats and no others, they'd actually lose two seats from the 195 they control now. This year, 33 seats plus two retiree seats (Republican Thad Cochran of MS retired earlier this year and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is retiring imminently) are being contested.

"We were having elections that did not have two candidates running in them in many of these districts". "A citizen deserves to have a competitive election".

In the closing weeks of the midterms, Trump has unleashed a no-holds-barred effort to boost Republicans as he dipped into the same undercurrents of unease that defined his 2016 campaign. Everyone is excited about the Jobs Numbers - 250,000 new jobs in October. "That's what is putting hard-working Americans to work, and that's what is putting more money in their pockets".

"Mike Braun will say anything to get elected, but the fact is that he was an active Democrat for decades, and voted to raise your taxes 159 times", one of the ads reads.

Former US President Barack Obama has warned against rhetoric he said was created to sow fear as he campaigned in support of Democratic candidates while President Donald Trump hammered a hardline anti-immigration message to energise Republicans.

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Mr Bob Menendez, 64, a Democrat from New Jersey who has served in the Senate since 2006, could also be in trouble after facing corruption charges.

The U.S. constitution has set up a system of checks and balances by vesting power in the President and the executive, the legislature (Congress), and the judiciary.

Meanwhile, Trump's political style looks to be becoming a liability.

Two new polls this week showed Manchin's once-comfortable lead over Morrisey dwindling to 5 percentage points, which the Democrat's supporters blame in part on Trump's repeated visits.

Both presidents were enjoying high approval ratings at the time, according to Gallup - which pegs Trump's current approval at 40%. Others attack Democrats for giving criminals a defense at all. Democrats and Republicans blasted the video as "racist". On Thursday, he was able to showcase Republican backing by appearing with about a dozen Republicans, including a former state senator, a former state representative and a staffer to a former Republican governor.

A military spokesman said that more than 7,000 U.S. soldiers will be positioned in states bordering Mexico by the end of the weekend.

"It is not a right-wing organization".

There's one thing activists on both sides of the immigration debate agree on: It's hard to predict Trump.

The critics expressed concern over Perry's votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act - Obama's signature healthcare program - and its insurance protections for people with preexisting medical conditions.

Similarly, more than 8 in 10 adults say they are either doing about as well financially as they were before Trump became president (60 percent), or are doing better (25 percent).

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