Ptcl organizes breast cancer awareness

RE/MAX agent celebrates fun and fashion for a good cause

Breast cancer awareness on a more wide- spread scale - Head of Breast Unit

On Friday, 19 October, the International Breast Cancer day, employees at Mapfre Middlesea and Mapfre MSV Life were encouraged to wear pink clothes to raise awareness about this disease.

Meanwhile, here are some stories of Bollywood starts and their ordeal with the many variations of cancer.

Mrs Dedey said, "last year we had 16 partner hospitals participating and this year so far we have about 30, with 563 patients examined and about 165 level of patronage, so even the number of hospitals doing it have nearly doubled".

Jackson said breast cancer risk can be reduced, with weight reduction, exercise and physical activity as well as eating a high fiber/vegetable/fruit diet complete with green veggies high in isothiocynate. Regular breast cancer screening can find cancer early when it may be smaller and easier to treat. Studies show that regular mammograms (and proper follow up testing for abnormal results) lower the risk of dying from breast cancer in women ages 50 to 74. The effort is meant to bring awareness about early detection and acknowledging and supporting individuals and families affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer survival rates have improved about 1 percent per year over the last 30 years thanks to advances in treatments and chemotherapy/radiation techniques. She is actively involved in breast screening and diagnostic imaging, as well as research. Our goal is to help women understand the benefits of mammographic screening and early detection. To put this in perspective, people usually get 3 mSv radiation each year from natural surroundings. What is most disturbing is that many will want to be associated with the month and even donate a few dollars or time towards the cause, but that is only for the good public relations for their company or just making sure their prospective clients see them in good light.

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A woman holds the hand of her mother who is dying from cancer during her final hours at a palliative care hospital. "(American Cancer Society) actually tracks all the money that is raised from our area, so it stays here". It was only discovered when the lump was removed and tested. Asia Pacific is one of the most promising regions for the predictive breast cancer gene testing market as the region is developing rapidly. "It wasn't something that was on my radar at all because I didn't think I had a family history".

Davidson is also board president of FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. According MET UP, an advocacy organization, only 7% of all breast cancer research dollars goes towards researching metastatic disease.

"There's still so much work to do", Davidson says.

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