China, Russia eavesdropping on Trump's iPhone calls, says report

Chinese spies are reportedly listening to Trump's phone calls, with the goal of stopping trade war

Trump's phone calls are being bugged by Russia and China, US intelligence claims

Former administration officials said that in spite of their repeated warnings that spies might listen into his calls, Trump refused to give up the phone, and kept using it as usual.

A new report from the New York Times accuses President Trump of being so lax with his phone habits that Russian Federation and China routinely listen in on his personal conversations.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying was asked about the story during a press conference on Thursday.

President Trump has even lost his phone on the golf course, according to the New York Times.

"If they are still not at ease, then in order to have an entirely secure device, they can stop using all forms of modern communication devices and cut off all ties with the outside world", she said.

China, in turn, has begun using its own businessmen to try to influence people friendly with those Trump talks to, according to the New York Times report, hopes the information will make it to the President. AT&T and Verizon of a deal with Huawei earlier this year to carry its phones and Best Buy stopped selling the company's devices.

Following a report from the New York Times that Russian Federation and China are taking advantage of his penchant for using his private iPhone, China's foreign ministry borrowed one of Trump's favorite words to describe the media.

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China is trolling President Donald Trump's love for the iPhone.

"First The New York Times should know if they publish this type of report it provides another piece of evidence of The New York Times making fake news", she said, using one of Trump's favourite tactics to disparage unflattering articles.

The New York Times slid into third base in the sarcasm game by observing that Hua "ridiculed but did not exactly deny" its report on Trump's smartphones. I like Hard Lines.

Also, Trump uses the second special iPhone with Twitter and social apps, which works only on a secured Wi-Fi router.

Donald Trump termed the NYT report as a "fake story" and said he rarely uses his cellphone.

As the report noted, Trump indicated to the Wall Street Journal this week that he had discretion about information transmitted through his phone.

Many have called the Chinese government's comments just straight-up trolling -and a damn good one.

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