Democratic Rep Accuses Jared Kushner of Being Behind Saudi Journalist’s Death

Congressman Accuses Kushner of Assisting Saudi Killing

Saudis confirm death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Activists, members of the Human Rights Association Istanbul branch, holding posters with photos of missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, talk to members of the media, during a protest in his support near the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, October 9, 2018.

Saudi Arabia had previously rejected accusations that Khashoggi died at the consulate as "baseless".

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump, who had threatened of punitive action against Saudis over the journalist's death, has now said that what happened was "unacceptable" but Saudi Arabia was a 'great ally, ' reported BBC.

Eighteen Saudis have been arrested in connection with the incident and the investigation is ongoing, the public prosecutor said.

He dispatched US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this week to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey to speak to officials on the case.

In statements that followed, the kingdom announced the firing of four top intelligence officials, including Major General Ahmed bin Hassan Assiri, a one-time spokesman for the Saudi military's campaign in Yemen who later became a confidant of Prince Mohammed.

"The termination of the two officials was done by the king, not his heir apparent, the crown prince, which could be an indication the aging monarch is cleaning up an extremely ugly mess created by the younger man."

The same source familiar with the investigations revealed that a Saudi consulate driver was among those who handed over the body to a "local collaborator". "I think it's a very important first step". He did not disclose the whereabouts of his body.

The Colorado lawmaker, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, urged Trump to immediately recall the acting United States ambassador from Saudi Arabia.

Trump praises U.S. congressman from Montana who body-slammed reporter
He was ordered to pay $385 (£304), complete 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management counselling. Trump said Thursday "it certainly looks" like Khashoggi is dead. "And we endorsed Greg very early".

Kushner does have close ties to the Saudis and its crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, but there has been no evidence that he has any involvement with the suspected murder of Khashoggi.

"Now, a fight breaks out and he's killed in the consulate, all without knowledge of Crown Prince", Graham said.

However the mission is said to be led by his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was suspected of being behind Khashoggi's disappearance in some versions of stories alleging what happened to the Washington Post writer.

The disappearance of Khashoggi has provoked global criticism of Saudi Arabia's de-facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and convulsed the kingdom as it struggles to respond to increasing worldwide pressure to explain the journalist's fate. "We will continue to closely follow the global investigations into this tragic incident and advocate for justice that is timely, transparent and in accordance with all due process", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

On Friday, Turkey's pro-government Sabah newspaper printed more surveillance camera photographs allegedly showing members of a Saudi team brought in to Turkey to dispose of Khashoggi.

Trump and his administration have drawn criticism for being slow to rebuke Riyadh, and the White House statement on Friday did not indicate a particular stance on the Saudi announcement.

They informed Saudi authorities in Riyadh that Khashoggi had "safely left the consulate" to protect themselves.

Turkish investigators have searched a forest near Istanbul and a city near the Sea of Marmara for the journalist's remains, following fears he may have been surgically dismembered.

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