Mega Millions numbers revealed for massive $548M jackpot

Mega Millions jackpot soars to $548 million ahead of Friday night drawingMore

Mega Millions jackpot soars to $548 million ahead of Friday night drawingMore

The Mega Millions jackpot jumped to a whopping $654 million after no one claimed the prize after Friday night's drawing. Do we know yet if anyone won the Mega Millions jackpot? The victor was able to file a lawsuit and stay anonymous while claiming the winnings through an anonymous trust, even though they had originally signed their winning ticket with their name. The jackpot climbed $78 million after no one matched all six numbers Tuesday night.

The next drawing will be Tuesday.

No one has won since July, when a group of California office workers split $543 million.

That will be the 4th largest jackpot in U.S. History.

The jackpot has been growing since it was last won on July 24.

If you're looking for a tiny hint: the numbers 17 and 12 have been drawn twice as Mega Balls since August 31.

No winner in Mega Millions Friday
No Mega Millions Winner, Jackpot Jumps To $654 Million

Four tickets matched five white balls in Tuesday's drawing. Those who take the cash will receive a one-time lump-sum equal to all the cash in the prize pool - which was $309.2 million for Friday night's drawing.

Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot was the third-largest in Mega Millions' history, reaching an estimated $548 million. But if you only match two white balls and don't match the yellow ball, you won't win anything.

Saturday's jackpot has a cash option of $179.4 million.

The Mega Millions jackpot is approaching $470 million.

And if you don't get lucky Friday night, there's still the Powerball drawing on Saturday.

Of course, this jackpot is an estimate and might be even bigger if more people play than expected.

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