Meghan Markle's politics might be a problem for the royals

Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл ждут ребенка

Meghan Markle Dazzles In A Blue Givenchy Dress At Princess Eugenie's Wedding

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Samantha publicly apologized to Markle, 37, last week after flying to London to try to speak with her in person.

Samantha Markle supposedly gave palace officials an "ultimatum" in which she'd only visit with her sister if they didn't arrange a meeting.

The move culminated in Samantha, who suffers from MS, handing over a note to Kensington Palace security before buying Royal merchandise, with Daily Mail acquiring photos of the encounter.

"The ongoing feud between Meghan, her sister and her father has so far been played out in public interviews and communication across the Atlantic via aides and representatives".

Meghan Markle's pregnancy may be determined through a number of things including some changes in her body language.

The timeline of Markle embarrassment moves in peaks and troughs, with the silence likely worrying the palace in regards to what the next Markle move will be.

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"Everybody would love to know what's in that letter", Grant tweeted Sunday, alongside three emoji faces and a Mirror article that shows her outside the palace.

Some of her comments seem a bit weird though and it's hard to figure out what exactly is going on especially after she apologised to Meghan during an appearance on The Jeremy Vine Show last week.

The source goes on to confident: "As she had no response, she has not had other choice than to come without having been invited".

While she would not disclose the exact contents of the letter, she stated that it concerned their father, Thomas Markle Sr., who was forced to skip the royal wedding due to a health scare and was caught in a scandal with paparazzi.

Samantha said that if she got the chance to speak to Meghan, she would tell her it's "water under the bridge" and recognize that their issues spiraled "out of control".

"I just think that families can be this way when there's confusion and when people are hurt".

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