Trump describes Kanye West as 'smart cookie' during meeting

Trump Kanye West has been a terrific guy

Prison reform, Chicago violence on menu for Kanye-Trump White House lunch

Following the Oval Office meeting, the pair were scheduled to speak with Mr Trump as well as his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Grammy victor even brought up Hillary Clinton and the 2016 campaign, explaining that, although there was a great deal he liked about the former Secretary of State, he felt empowered by Trump's message, once again referencing the Man of Steel.

Customers at the Apple store in Washington D.C. we're taken by surprise this afternoon by an impromptu keynote hosted by Kanye West.

West's "terrific" wife opened his eyes, Trump said. West dominated the conversation, speaking about everything from prison reform to mental health to his Yeezy shoe line. "We want a brand over our own land".

All the while, Trump sat with his hands clasped on the Resolute Desk, nodding along as the musician continued. He praised the state of employment in the country under his leadership. Brown said he liked North Korea; Trump agreed.

Many, many Trump brand products are manufactured overseas.

Those items were addressed in a pre-lunch meeting, but Kanye launched into a speech and Trump let him go on as the cameras recorded it all.

Stop-and-frisk was used extensively in New York City until it was deemed unconstitutional because of its impact on minority residents. In May, she met with the president to seek clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, 63, who was imprisoned for drug conspiracy.

I'm talking specifically about Kid Rock and Kanye West at the White House hanging out with Donald Trump.

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"It's very unfair to African-Americans it's very unfair to everybody". "And there are many other people like that".

But West, who's from Chicago, told Trump that this strategy is detrimental.

Twitter reacted just as one might expect. So, there's theories that there's infinite amounts of universe, and there's alternate universe. He declared that the "mob" can't make him forgo his support for Trump.

"People expect that if you're Black, you have to be Democrat", West said, rejecting the "control of people through the concept of racism". First of all, it's a limit to the amount of jobs. Trump told reporters at Trump Tower that the they had been "friends for a long time". The rapper said he was moving to Chicago - or "Chiraq" as he called it - to help reduce violence. Trump later tweeted in support of the shocking move. "You know, they tried to scare me to not wear this hat". So all this power that I got, and I'm taking my son to the Sox game and all that, I wouldn't be able to remember his name. It's attractive though! But there's times where, you know, it's something about - I love Hillary. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. What I saw was a minstrel show today. He walked over to Trump and held out his phone, to show him a picture of what he said was "the i-plane 1 - a hydrogen-powered airplane -this is what the president should be flying in".

"You made a Superman cape for me", he told Trump.

"I love this guy right here!"

At one point during his ten minutes of remarks, West said, "Time is a myth".

West even touched on how he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. "He might not have thought he'd have a insane motherf-- like [me]" as an ally.

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