Conor McGregor predicts knockout win over 'too predictable' Khabib Nurmagomedov

McGregor is in the unusual position of the underdog

McGregor is in the unusual position of the underdog

The 30-year-old is preparing for a UFC lightweight title fight against undefeated Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov in the USA city, where he trained in an open workout on Wednesday - and chose to bring one-year-old Conor Jr along.

Nurmagomedov was once again barracked by a largely pro-McGregor crowd, as he had been at Wednesday's open workouts, and the Irishman suggested that may have been one of the reasons his foe refused to hang around. But it's his his young son who stole the spotlight, wandering around adorably on the stage and convincing everyone watching that he already has his dad's signature style.

Conor McGregor just went off in his UFC 229 press conference - vowing to destroy Khabib Nurmagomedov. and claiming he'll be a billionaire by age 35! So at 3:15 p.m., White, along with a packed theater, waited for Conor McGregor to show up.

It might have been wise for McGregor to apply earmuffs to his child for the next part of his speech.

Nurmagomedov added: "I know you're going to love me".

"I'm not going to say we're going to do Mayweather-McGregor numbers", White said of a fight that sold 4.4 million pay-per-views.

"I have been grappling and wrestling much bigger fighters for months straight", McGregor said.

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"For me, this is more than a fight for the title", he said. Khabib has knocked people out in the past and while McGregor has a great chin, everyone has the potential to get rocked at one point or another.

Nurmagomedov commented on the altercation, telling that he didn't want McGregor to go to jail and would rather settle their issues fighting. "I think Conor wins". I'm only a couple minutes late.

According to multiple witnesses, McGregor ran into the arena's loading dock and began hurling objects at the bus, which was taking a group of UFC fighters to a nearby hotel, ESPN reports. I'm not going to wait. He doesn't want to be around me, he doesn't want to be around these people. Given McGregor's long layoff and Nurmagomedov's recent form, I have to favor the Russian here. For me, it's personal. I'm going to eat that man alive.

"I have schedule. I have to make weight". "Get him in the sauna and cook him like the little rat he is". "F*** peace, there will never be peace", McGregor said.

That's the lowest you can go?

"For me, personally, I think this is a boring fight because everybody knows Khabib will try to put McGregor in the ground. Never, ever, ever, over". While that's not exactly something we're expecting to see from Khabib it certainly feels more likely than the Irishman grinding out a decision, and if Nurmagomedov gets exhausted, then Conor could go for the choke to really rubber stamp his dominance.

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