Trudeau and Freeland Happy With NAFTA Agreement

Trump and Trudeau agree on a revised NAFTA deal

Canada-US reach deal to reform NAFTA

TARIFFS AND TAUNTS: Trump joked that the deal wouldn't have been made without tariffs, specifically on Canadian-made steel and aluminum, which prompted tit-for-tat retaliatory tariffs from Canada on a number of US goods.

"We look forward to further deepening our close economic ties when this new agreement enters into force".

Morneau told members of the Vancouver business community that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement means Canada is now the only country to have deals with all its G7 partners but will continue its efforts to diversify trade around the world, including with China. One letter promises Canada will be exempt from any future US tariffs imposed on automobiles and auto parts as a matter of national security. There are still some details to be worked out (including the status of USA tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico), but the biggest hurdle has definitely been cleared.

In Ottawa, PMO officials said there would be another cabinet meeting Monday and a news conference likely as well.

"We could have done it a different way and it would be nasty and not nice", Trump said.

"We celebrate a trilateral deal". The access given to the slightly more than the 3.25 per cent conceded in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with Pacific Rim countries. Keeping that provision, previously known as chapter 19 under NAFTA, was one of Canada's lines in the sand, though the USA initially wanted to eliminate it.

Canada also weakened some mechanisms it uses to manage the supply of dairy products, said Steve Suppan, a policy analyst at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, a think tank in Minneapolis.

The agreement reached Sunday gives US farmers greater access to the Canadian dairy market.

Drugs: The deal extends patents on biological drugs to 10 years from eight - an additional two years than desired for access to cheaper generic drugs used to treat conditions like Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Benoit Fontaine, the chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada, likewise expressed reassurance that "a year of uncertainty over the future of the agricultural landscape in Canada is over".

It said the measures will have "a dramatic impact not only for dairy farmers but for the whole sector".

Mr. Wilson raised questions about increasing access to Ontario's dairy market, the remaining steel and aluminum tariffs and a clause that places restrictions on Canada's bilateral trade deals with "non-market" economies such as China. Dairy Farmers objected to this, too, but the once-obscure dairy classification had become a lightning rod of discontent for Trump. "Now they're going to be treated with respect".

"It's a good day for Canada", Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said as he left his office. The prime minister said he knows there is anxiety for dairy producers but also suggested things could have been a lot worse. "In all negotiations there are low and high points", said Trudeau, "a key moment for me was when we realized that we were going to have an intact Chapter 19 ..."

There are no details yet on how much compensation Canada is willing to provide or what form it will take. This is especially so after his earlier decisions to withdraw USA participation from deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership; launch new trade sanctions against world powers from the European Union to China; and also threaten U.S. withdrawal from the World Trade Organization.

"The deal is not a disaster", Bothwell said.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Canadians will end up paying more for things like milk and pharmaceuticals under the deal.

"He´s a good man and he loves the people of Canada".

Sunday's agreement will also give Trump renewed confidence that his agenda can continue to reshape the worldwide political economy. That started a 90-day clock that would let outgoing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto sign the new pact before he leaves office December 1. Yet, despite Trump's assertion that USMCA is a huge success for his approach, his negotiations have done damage to the US' alliances with Mexico and Canada, and concessions have not been as big as he had previously sought, highlighting the significant continuities the new deal has with NAFTA. But on Monday he was all smiles, calling the deal "historic". Just six days ago he said he didn't think Canada was negotiating fairly.

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