Google Updates Assistant on Phones with a New Touch-Friendly Design

Google Starts to Monetize Voice By Bringing Paid Digital Goods, Subscriptions to Google Assistant

Google Assistant has bigger images and new interactive elements

Bigger visuals that are easy to glance at quickly.

Meanwhile, Google is now allowing developers to build their own visual Assistant experiences.

Assistant also has an "interactive messaging interface", which will apparently allow you to "add a comma, change a word", or make other "quick edits" using your finger.

Google today announced an updated design for Google Assistant on mobile devices.

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For example, when you ask Google Assistant to dim your lights, it will now show you the relevant slider and will let you adjust the dimmer right from the Google Assistant screen. It will showcase new controls and sliders that will help users in managing their smart home devices. It has taken a while for these updates to roll out, but we've seen a few of them trickle in over the last few months. Google, in a blog post, mentioned all the changes that have arrived as a part of the Google Assistant makeover. You can already use it to control pretty much everything smart in your and even buy physical goods through it using only your voice.

Developers now have tools to use the device's touch screen within Assistant. The assistant will show curated information based on the time of day and your recent interactions with the Assistant when you swipe up. Starbucks now has thumbnails to select from recommended items on their menus, Food Network has larger images of their recipes, and FitStar uses GIFs to give you a preview of your workout. According to Google, almost half of all interactions with Assistant - both within the app and with smart home products like Google Home smart speakers - involve both voice and touch.

Finally, Google Assistant will now work better for brands which want to use Assistant features.

Digital purchases in Actions could include things like premium subscriptions.

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