Matt Damon's snivelling SNL take on Brett Kavanaugh is gas

Saturday Night Live Kavanaugh  Damon

Saturday Night Live Kavanaugh Damon

"Saturday Night Live" returned for its 44th season September 29 and wasted no time diving back into political sketches, with Matt Damon appearing as Brett Kavanaugh and Rachel Dratch returning as Senator Amy Klobuchar for a cold open sketch about his hearing.

Kavanaugh has been in the news this week after he spoke at a hearing Senate Judiciary Committee for being accused of sexual assault back in the 1980s.

In the skit, Kavanaugh, played by special guest Matt Damon, is testifying about the evidence of his innocence and brings up how embarrassed he is to talk about this in front of the the Charmed alum.

Mysteriously absent from the top of the hearing, as Alex Moffat's Chuck Grassley explained he was "shadowboxing in the bathroom", Damon's Kavanaugh sat down in irate fashion and said, "Oh hell yeah" when asked if he was ready to begin.

He discounted the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, who alleges Kavanaugh held her down on a bed and groped her during a high school party in 1982.

"We've heard from the alleged victim, but now it's time to hear from the hero, Judge Brett Kavanaugh", says Sen. Damon as Kavanaugh shouted, calling the proceedings a "political con job" orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Kathy Griffin, and Mr. Ronan "Sinatra" (it's been rumored that Frank Sinatra is Ronan Farrow's biological father).

Third woman comes forward with allegations against Brett Kavanaugh
Avenatti tweeted the bombshell affidavit sent to the committee, which is set to hear testimony from Dr. She witnessed both of them "drink excessively and engage in highly inappropriate conduct", she stated.

The beer references are peppered through the sketch - including "I'm usually an optimist". Worked my butt off to get here - I busted my buns, I lifted weights.

"Well guess what, I'm not backing down, you sons of bitches".

Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), played by Pete Davidson, who asked about Kavanaugh's yearbook entries before declaring they all stood for sex.

That's the first of many, many mentions of beer.

"My parents, and Alyssa freaking Milano", Damon said. Lindsey Graham to her long line of characters. "But if you think I'm angry now, you just wait until I get on to that Supreme Court because then you're all gonna pay", he stated before shotgunning a can of "water" and kicking off the 44th season of SNL with a bang.

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