Oculus Quest standalone VR headset announced

Rob Price  BIAn early version of the Oculus Quest being demoed in September 2018

Rob Price BIAn early version of the Oculus Quest being demoed in September 2018

Oculus has unveiled its latest all-in-one wireless VR headset, the Quest.

Also in contrast to the Go, the Oculus Quest can run both mobile and PC VR games.

Zuckerberg outlined a couple things he believes are needed for a truly great VR experience. The device also features full roomscale tracking and PC-like motion controls. Working just like the Rift's controllers, the Quest's hand-held wands track movement, angle, and even force, while providing haptic feedback, in an experience that the company says is the most powerful and unchained VR experience yet!

Oculus vice president Hugo Barra said Quest combined the capabilities of Rift and the portability of Go, the current headgear in the company's lineup, with a strong focus on games.

To create an immersive VR gaming experience without wires, Oculus has decided it needs to bring Oculus Touch to Oculus Quest.

Oculus quest headset
Rob Price Business Insider The Oculus Quest headset as seen in September 2018

And yes, that includes new hardware: the $399 wireless Oculus Quest VR headset.

Lastly, you'll also soon be able to share VR experiences with others more easily, though in a somewhat limited fashion.

But while gaming is clearly core to Facebook's VR strategy with Oculus headsets, Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's VP of consumer hardware, demoed a workplace scenario that alludes to a mixed reality future-of-work where real world objects are integrated into VR.

Seeing as we have no real idea what date that actually translates to, it's hard to pinpoint exactly when to expect Oculus Quest to launch. He said the Quest "will complete our first generation of Oculus products". They are calling this Oculus Insight. It will be supported by over 50 titles on launch, including a brand new Star Wars VR game called Vader Immortal - Episode 1 that takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, due to the form factor, we expect it to be similar to the Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Oculus Go, especially given the limited 64GB on-board storage.

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