Why People Are Boycotting Nike Following New Colin Kaepernick Ad

Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad 0903

Nike is turning to Colin Kaepernick for the 30th anniversary of its"Just do it ad campaign

"Believe in something", the ad states, "even if it means sacrificing everything".

As for Nike, Trump's claim that the company "is getting absolutely killed" isn't quite accurate.

"We are not anti-flag, we are not anti-America, we are not anti-military, we are not anti-government - we are exactly the opposite", Ross said. In fact, socks have never featured so highly in USA politics.

Not surprisingly, Republicans polled were more likely to view the protests negatively, with 86 percent saying they found the protests unpatriotic, along with 57 percent of independents and 33 percent of Democrats. "With a strong majority of voters agreeing with President Trump that player protests are unpatriotic, the National Football League is going to have to walk a fine line between allowing player protests on the field and further alienating their fan base off of it".

"Not long after the ad was released, an National Football League spokesperson said, "the social justice issues Colin and other athletes raised deserve our attention and action".

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The quote raised eyebrows, with some people wondering if Trump's muted response to the Kaepernick ad could be attributed to the Trump Organisation's business relationship with Nike. Is a company that has been associated with sweatshop labour really a moral crusader for oppressed Americans, or merely a firm with good marketing data?

It's an apt sentiment, and one the brand has taken to heart given the uproar around its renewed endorsement of Kaepernick.

"They've estimated in the last 24 hours that Nike has had the benefit of $43 million in free media publicity from this", Morgan said. He worries that it could damage Nike's market dominance. If they didn't want to stand they could stay in the locker room. Sources told ESPN that Nike kept the fact that Kaepernick would be involved in a future campaign from many key players internally and outside Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. YouGov figures show that, in total, 44% of U.S. adults who've bought Nike apparel or sneakers in the past three months fall between the ages of 18 and 34. In the right hands, protest can be packaged as hip, sellable. Pepsi ended up pulling a commercial that showed Kendall Jenner giving a Pepsi to a police officer; some said the ad trivialized the "Black Lives Matter" protests.

The smell of burning comes from a much bigger place than a pair of trainers smouldering in a Trump supporter's yard.

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