Trump Slams Google, Says Bias Against Conservatives 'Will Be Addressed'

President Trump threatens Google over allegedly “rigged” search results

Donald Trump: Google’s news service is rigged against me

Aside from Google, other companies with global influence such as Facebook and Twitter have likewise been subjects of criticism over reports that they have censored conservative voices.

In the Oval Office later, Trump expanded on this morning's comments. He promised the "very serious situation" would be "addressed", but didn't give specifics.

He even suggested that the alleged practice was "illegal", and that it was a "very serious situation - will be addressed". We have tremendous - We have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in, and you just can't do that. That would be a noteworthy development since Trump often points proudly to his cutting of government regulations as a spur for economic gains.

If President Trump tends to click on content that comes from so-called "Fake News Media" outlets, Google's technology might start to boost such articles to the top of his search results in the future. Fake CNN is prominent. "Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out", he wrote.

Trump also stated that 96% of Google News results for "Trump" were from leftwing outlets, which he described as "very dangerous".

A search for "Trump News" shortly after the president's posts returned three top stories. Conversely, on the right, the study lists the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, McClatchy, and Fox News.

Google's search results are the result of a complex algorithm which the company says doesn't rely on political ideology.

Google denied the allegations and said its search results aren't politically biased.

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According to Google, it uses algorithms to evaluate hundreds of factors including user experience and how many other prominent sites link to a page. The answers that appear first are the ones Google's formulas, with some help from human content reviewers, deem to be the most authoritative, informative and relevant.

"Twelve of the 25 USA members of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council-which helps guide its policies-are liberal, and only one is conservative", the report stated. As my Washington Post colleague Tony Romm reported, multiple Republican lawmakers on the panel used the hearing to accuse the companies of a litany of things that they believed were proof of bias. Bolyard said left-leaning outlets accounted for 96 percent of the results, with CNN stories making up "nearly 29 percent of the total". "It's not the people who are delivering it or the platforms on which they receive it".

"The temperature has risen on this", Doctor said.

"You can't do that to people", he said.

Millions of Americans understand the sentiment behind Trump's tweets. They are controlling what we can & cannot see.

On Google's part, given all of the tensions around bias lately, they would probably be wise to be more transparent about how their news algorithm works and do more proactive outreach to avoid future misunderstandings.

Trump has praised Jones' "amazing" reputation.

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