Trump Family's Biggest Legal Threat From SDNY Prosecutors, Not Mueller, Reports Say

Trump Tweets Go Silent, Quote-Tweets Himself -

Paul Manafort trial to focus on lifestyle not collusion

That statement is a lie, a proven lie, a bald-faced lie, because we now know for a fact that Lanny Davis did NOT decline to comment.

"We should address Lanny Davis's comments in our reporting and be more transparent with our readers about our reporting", one CNN staffer told BuzzFeed News.

As President Donald Trump inches ever-closer to serious legal and political peril, his aides and advisors are increasingly anxious that he will do even more damage to himself by lashing out while he fluctuates between extreme moods, according to a new report from Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman.

Let's back up a bit...

In June 2016, Trump Jr. and other members of the campaign met at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer who was expected to offer damaging information on then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

One of the most weird aspects of the investigations engulfing the Trump administration is the lawyers involved. "We were not the source of the story".

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And Bernstein was certain Trump had lied, and Bernstein wanted you to be certain, because Bernstein now had Trump where he wanted him, because sources-sources-sources with knowledge told Berstein...

And then Bernstein's sources-sources-sources with knowledge told Bernstein... If Cohen said the sun rises in the west and sets in the east and would be willing to tell Bob Mueller that, the truth of the underlying claim isn't salvaged by that willingness. But he had not confessed that he was actually a source until his admission to Buzzfeed.

Earlier on America's Newsroom, MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz said that he spoke with Davis on the phone, who said he regrets the mistake he made. It was a pretty dumb thing to lie about, unless you are just into lying, and CNN seems to enjoy lying, well, just because.

The questions about Cohen came despite the fact that Mueller's team had already passed on incriminating information it had found on the former Trump attorney to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY, which proceeded to seek authorization for a raid on Cohen's office. Wrong. The network continues to stand by its reporting even though Cohen's own lawyer, who presumably is hearing from Cohen himself that it's time to walk back the Trump Tower allegations, is running away from it. How could it not? CNN also ran a story in July alleging that Cohen had watched Trump and Junior chat about the Russian Federation meeting before it happened.

And now, Buzzfeed reports that Lanny Davis, Cohen's lawyer, has admitted he was one of the anonymous sources for the CNN story, and that he can not corroborate his account of Cohen's story.

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