Iran and Syria agree military pact, following defence meeting

Iran’s defense minister arrives in Damascus to discuss reconstruction of Syria

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami

"Using chemical weapons terrorizes civilians, so raising fear serves one goal: It is especially demoralizing those who oppose" Syrian President Bashar Assad, Borshchevskaya told Business Insider, adding that Assad may look to chemical weapons because his conventional military has weakened over seven years of conflict. "It is passing through the critical stage and it is entering the very important stage of reconstruction". Earlier, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Iran's presence in Syria should be decided on by Tehran and Damascus only.

Turkey's foreign minister has spoken out against the possible attack and offered to work with Russian Federation to prevent an attack from Syria.

World powers who long called for his ouster insist reconstruction aid should only come with political transition, but fellow regime ally Russian Federation is pressing them to provide support. Syrian state-linked media said the two sides reaffirmed the need the develop long-term cooperation, .

"Relations between the two countries are strong and stable", Assad said in the meeting, according to Tasnim.

Under the agreement, Iran and Syria will enhance military and defense cooperation.

Talks with Canadian officials expected after US-Mexico deal
Instead, senior USA officials told reporters the agreement had been extended for 16 years but would be reviewed every six years. But administration officials said Monday there's no reason Congress couldn't approve a two-way deal with Mexico, if necessary.

Assad's strengthening of his alliance with extremist Islamic forces is also a direct slap in the face to Saudi Arabia, which was reported last week to have offered to fund Syria's reconstruction to the tune of billions of dollars if Damascus cuts ties with Iran and Hezbollah.

"Idlib will return to the nation's bosom, and all Syrian soil will be cleansed of terrorism, either through reconciliation or ground operations", Ayoub said on Sunday. They also may truly believe that the United States, the United Kingdom, and France would be inclined to act again militarily in response to such actions.

"The Americans are looking for a way to stay east of the Euphrates River to lock in their presence in this region", said Ayoub.

If Russian ships were to engage the USA, "the U.S. would use its overwhelming airpower in the region, and every single Russian vessel on the surface will turn into a hulk in a very short time", Lamrani said.

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