KSI And Logan Paul DRAW In Their Long-Awaited YouTube Boxing Match

Image KSI

Image KSIQ.) Who knows who she'll be heading home with after the fight

KSI for one, was tweeting @ Logan Paul literally hours before the dress rehearsal.

"I guess we have to have a rematch", he said.

One of the judges had put KSI in the lead by one point but the other two judges then scored the game even, with meant the match ended in a majority draw.

The highly anticipated bout was streamed live on pay-per-view through YouTube, and was attended by about 15,000 fans.

The match between Logan Paul and KSI is set to attract millions of viewers from around the world, and it is obvious because both of them have a total of 37 million+ subscribers on youtube and have billions of views on their videos.

Now that that's over, you think we'd all be able to move on... but not so fast!

After their six round slugfest, the two YouTubers decided they'd "give the fans what they want" in order to finally decide for once and for all who is No.1 when it comes to who is the true boxing champ.

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"Let's do it. That was fun".

Earlier on the card, Logan Paul's younger brother Jake defeated younger brother Deji in a five-round contest.

The fight was a culmination of an online feud between the two which came after Logan Paul filmed a dead body at a suicide hotspot in Japan for a YouTube video - for which he was heavily criticised.

More than 800,000 people streamed the fight at Manchester Arena, with at least half a million people watched through illegal streams.

KSI said he would step into the ring with the victor and won against Weller at the Copper Box Arena in February.

If you want to watch the fight tonight go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXzQl-Mv6-Q (and below) and buy the event for 10 dollars in the U.S. or 7.50 British pounds in the UK.

Saturday's fight was not his first time in the ring.

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