Twitter suspends Alex Jones for one week

Twitter suspends Alex Jones for a week for inciting violence

Twitter suspends Alex Jones from key functions of account: report

Twitter on Tuesday put temporary limits on the account of Alex Jones, a move that marks the latest restriction by a Silicon Valley company on the controversial conspiracy theorist and radio host. The company defiantly refused to follow the tech industry's lead, saying it would hold Jones to the same standards as everyone else, and that he'd lose his account only if he broke Twitter's rules. In the process, he used language more appropriate for dealing with a child who took a cookie without permission than a grown man with a history of promoting conspiracy theories, such as his false claim that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in CT was a hoax.

Dorsey also appeared on NBC News calling the suspension of Jones a "timeout".

"I'm not even anxious about me at this point, this is so authoritarian, it's just insane how these foreign corporations got control of the USA", said Jones in a video that was uncharacteristically subdued in tone.

Jones' Twitter account was put into what Twitter calls timeout status, which means he can not tweet and is limited to reading tweets on his timeline and sending direct messages to other users.

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Holt brought up the above tweet from Trump and asked, "Would that violate your terms of service?" But others have defended the choice to ban Jones, citing the anti-hate speech rules and nonviolence policies nearly universally adopted by major internet platforms.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed the account has limited functionality. "But ultimately we want to take that reporting burden off the individual and automate a lot more of this".

Twitter users responded to the suspension with a collective "Seriously?"

"We identified this as an issue, it was a mistake, we fixed it within 24 hours", Dorsey said. Jones is being sued for defamation related to the claim. "But this is consistent with how we enforce".

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