What’s new with Samsung’s S-Pen for Galaxy Note 9

Samsung launches the Galaxy Note9 with 6.4-inch screen

Samsung launches Fortnite for Android exclusive

Instead Samsung shaved off the edges to make it look thinner.

Customers buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via the PayTM mall will receive a cashback of ₹6,000. That means an all-day battery (whatever that means, in technical terms), alongside 128GB and 512GB variants.

Bigger screen. Bigger battery.

Coupled with the powerful hardware is what Samsung calls a true "all-day" battery - a 4,000mAh unit which should let users do whatever they want without the fear of running out of power. That might be a tough call as the Note 9 might not be a mass phone that it needs to be to rake in the volumes.

Airlines have begun allowing Samsung Note phones back on board following the debacle two years ago. It can detect if someone screws up your picture, and notifies you so you can have another go. It said last month its flagship Galaxy S9 phone missed sales targets, sending profits in the mobile division down by a third in the April-June quarter. The large-screen smartphone with a 6.4-inch display comes with S Pen support. But that's not all.

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It also comes with a Bluetooth-enabled stylus created to act as a remote for snapping photos and controlling YouTube video playback.

With each Samsung smartphone release, there's a period of time after the announcement during which we have to wait for each carrier to announce pricing. The so-called "phablet" touted massive storage space, a new intelligent camera, and a revamp to its signature stylus, the S Pen. Luckily, Samsung has built supercapacitors into the new Note which charges up the Pen to 100% in just 40 seconds for an endurance of upto 30minutes. The company has been wary of pushing battery capacity too aggressively after the Note 7 started catching fire, but growing Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei and Xiaomi have made big batteries the norm. DeX now works with a simple USB-C to HDMI adapter.

On other phones, such as an iPhone, you have to switch output devices manually from the Spotify app. There's no word on United Kingdom pricing, but those dongles are $50 (£39) in the States. This transforms it from a simple digital pen to a full-fletch remote control that can be used to interact with some of the Note 9's key features, like the phone's A.I. powered camera.

During the Galaxy Note 9 launch event, Samsung also unveiled its new Galaxy Watch, which comes in three sizes.

The latest iteration of Samsung's Galaxy Note line was scheduled for release on August 9, 2018 in NY at 8:00 EST/9:00 PST (or 16:00 BST). United States pre-orders Start from 10 August (tomorrow) and pre-orders get a free pair of AKG noise-cancelling headphones (worth about $299) or 15,000 in Fortnite V-Bucks.

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